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Soft white chair with Nordic-toned pillows and blanket.
Assorted dinnerware sets featuring plates, cutlery, and mugs of a soft beige colour
Green artificial plant with a seagrass basket and a white stoneware vase

Homeware must-haves to spruce up your home

Transforming your living space doesn't have to be a daunting task. Simple changes in homeware items like cushions, throws, and rugs can redefine the ambience of your room. These versatile accessories serve as focal points, effortlessly infusing harmony or adding a spark to your decor. At JYSK, we offer an extensive range of homeware essentials to add that finishing touch to your home. Whether you're seeking picture frames, tablecloths or decorative accents like mirrors or lamps, we have everything you need to elevate your space. Embrace this season's trends while enhancing your home's aesthetic appeal, all at great prices. Discover the perfect pieces to complement your style with JYSK today, online or in-store.

Create your own 'hygge' feeling

Discover the essence of 'hygge' (hoo-ga) with our curated selection of homeware at JYSK. Originating from Denmark, hygge embodies the art of creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that fosters relaxation and connection. Whether it's gathering with loved ones for a Sunday roast or enjoying a quiet moment with a book and a cup of tea, hygge is about embracing comfort and warmth in everyday moments. Our Scandinavian-inspired furniture and decorations embody the minimalist and light aesthetic characteristic of hygge, offering clean lines and fine details to enhance your space. Let JYSK be your guide to infusing your home with the hygge spirit, creating a haven of tranquillity and contentment for you and your family.

At JYSK, our Scandinavian roots are reflected in our selection of furniture and decorations. Our heritage is also a great part of our culture and we’d love to get the Irish onboard!

How to create cosiness in the home and outside

Creating a cosy atmosphere is key to experiencing hygge. While it can occur anywhere in the home, the living room often becomes the focal point for hygge. Here, the sofa, cushions, and throws contribute significantly to cultivating a hygge ambience. Additionally, candles, tealight holders, and decorative items add an extra layer of warmth to the space. However, hygge isn't limited to indoor spaces; it can also be enjoyed outdoors. Picture late summer evenings adorned with cosy throws and twinkling tealights, creating a uniquely hygge atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation and connection.

5 affordable decorating ideas for every style and budget

Decorating a room and adding a sense of personal style, need not be expensive. With our 6 affordable decorating and styling tips, you can makeover your living room space on a budget. From practical storage solutions to bargain ideas to style your space. 

  1. Give your walls new life - Revitalise your walls with a personal picture wall. Mix and match frames for a vintage look without breaking the bank. Opt for gold, brass, or wood frames to enhance the aesthetic.
  2. Change your cushions - Decorative cushions offer versatility; swap colours and styles seasonally for a fresh look. Stay on-trend with minimal investment.
  3. Decorate with mirrors - Mirrors add elegance and create the illusion of a larger room while reflecting light to brighten the space. Think beyond traditional wall art; mirrors offer a unique decorative touch.
  4.  Make room for exclusivity - From rugs to cushions, faux furs can add a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag. Transform an affordable stool by adding a faux fur seat cushion for a lavish appearance.
  5. Choose the right lighting - Illuminate your living room with light shades, lamps, and candles. These elements not only set the mood but also contribute to the overall decor scheme.