Candles are perfect during any season. Cosy up in winter or create longer outdoor nights in summer with a range of candles and candle holders. At JYSK, you will find a wide range of LED candles, tealights, to pillar and scented candles to help create a lovely ambience throughout your home. We also have a selection of napkins in different colours and patterns that help to spice up any table setting. Shop online or at your local JYSK store.

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    33 products

    Decoration - Candles and Napkins

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    Creating a snug and cosy home with led or wax candles

    Making your home snug and welcoming has never been easier or more affordable. By selecting the right candles for your home you can make the most spacious room feel cosy and achieve a relaxing and chilled vibe throughout. You can fill any room with the sweet scent of our tealights, create an arrangement of flickering wick candles in different shapes and sizes in the corner of a room. A candle or tealight flame is great for adding atmosphere to movie night in your living room or place a few of them around your bedroom to relax and unwind. Candles and tealights make every occasion special and led candles mean you can create a cosy ambience at the flick of a switch. We have lots of scented and unscented candles to choose from and none have big price tags.

    There really is nothing like a well-dressed table

    Hosting a dinner party is always fun and a great way to welcome your friends and family into your home. Really impress your guests with the perfect dinner table setting, and the perfect table arrangement. When it comes to dressing a table some favour a plain, uncovered table top whereas others think a table is undressed without a pretty cloth. Whatever your preference, a handful of carefully selected accessories such as tea lights or pillar candles, will make all the difference to a tea party or dinner date.


    Napkins are an important element when laying an attractive table. Paper napkins can be used, but they may not be too suitable if your are planning on serving a lot of courses. A napkin can add a touch of elegance, even if you’re dining informally. Opt for good-quality paper napkins in your colour and design of choice – and make sure you always have a pack in the drawer. Serviettes are perfect for dinner parties, birthdays and BBQs - just use one after eating to get rid of the evidence! 

    Our stores feature room sets with ideas for decorating your table – why not pop in and be inspired?


    Lighting a few candles in a room can create the ultimate cosy atmosphere, and often create the final touch to a room or beautiful table setting. Unfortunately, candle wax can often drip and leave stains, but it is not as difficult as you think to remove candle wax. Led candles are a popular choice, but do not provide quite the same atmosphere of cosiness and warmth as real candles do. Check out some of our tips and tricks on how to remove candle wax.

    How to remove candle wax from hard surfaces

    When you remove candle wax from hard surfaces like a table or a windowsill, you must be careful otherwise you can damage the surface. The surface can get easily scratched if you use a knife or sharp instrument, therefore try using a fingernail or a softer object instead. If this method is not sufficient enough, try washing with a soapy mixture first as this eases the wax off. ​

    How to remove candle wax from fabric and material

    If wax has dripped onto your tablecloth you can freeze it to remove the candle wax stain. Place the tablecloth in a plastic bag before putting it into the freezer, then freeze for a minimum of two hours. In most cases you can then remove the candle wax from the tablecloth by simply scratching it off with your fingernail.

    Iron the spilt candle wax off the tablecloth

    If it hasn't been possible to remove the candle wax after it has been put in the freezer, you can try to iron it off. First of all place the tablecloth on an ironing board with the stain facing upwards. Place a piece of paper towel or coffee filter both on the top and under the stain on the tablecloth. Then place the hot iron on the spot for about five seconds until the paper towel or coffee filter has absorbed the wax.

    You must remember to move the paper towel/coffee filter around so you constantly use a dry spot. Repeat the process until the stain has disappeared. After ironing, you should wash the tablecloth according to the washing instructions.  

    How to remove candle wax from the carpet

    If you have candle wax on your rugs or carpet, then wait until the wax has completely dried then scrape the wax off. After, place four layers of paper towel on top of the stain and set your iron to the lowest heat. Place the iron over the paper towel on the stain until the wax is absorbed into the paper towel. Repeat this process until the stain has disappeared. However, make sure that your iron is not warmer than what the carpet can tolerate. If you're in doubt, ask your carpet supplier first, then begin to iron once you have the all clear.

    How to remove candle wax from candle holders

    The most effective way to remove candle wax from candlesticks is to melt the candle wax off the candlestick. Switch the oven on to 75 degrees and position the candlestick upside down. Place the candlestick on a baking tray with baking paper underneath, and then put the tray into the oven for about 20 minutes so that the candle wax melts down onto the baking paper. Finally, dry off any candle wax remnants with a coffee filter or a piece of paper towel.