Beautiful vases & plant pots for botanical vibes around the home

Vases and plant pots are easy decorative items to add colour and contrast to any room of the home. Whether you're looking for a table centrepiece or small accent vases for windowsills and shelving, you'll find a beautiful selection at JYSK. You can fill your vases with fresh flowers weekly or opt for long-lasting artificial plants and flowers, you can even leave the vase empty and use it as a stand-alone decorative accessory. With our selection of vases and plant pots you can be expressive and choose something eye-catching! Discover coloured glass vases with textured detailing in grey, green and brown and stoneware vases with retro shaping and designs, plus so much more! Find something you'll love for your home at prices you'll love even more.

Choose and fill your indoor vase

Whether you adore fresh blooms weekly or opt for timeless artificial plants, vases are a homeware staple. Our varied collection caters to all preferences, from occasional bouquets to year-round floral displays. Explore classic Scandinavian designs in stoneware, ceramic, and glass, all at accessible prices. Elevate your dining room with unique shapes and sizes, from classic glass vases to captivating ceramic pieces. For low-maintenance charm, browse our range of artificial plants in contemporary styles. Additionally, discover our indoor plant pots, perfect for kitchen herbs or artificial ferns, available in various sizes and colours for a modern touch. Shop now for a welcoming and contemporary arrangement.

5 ideas for decorating with vases

Using vases as decorative pieces is an inexpensive way of finishing off your interior décor design. We've listed below examples of how to use vases for decoration and how to style them around your home.

  1. Make a bold statement - whether it’s a vibrant hue or an eye-catching size, let your vase speak volumes in any space.
  2. Dress your hallway - greet yourself and your guests with a stunning arrangement of vases and flowers, setting the tone for a warm welcome.
  3. Create a focal point - captivate attention with a bold vase or infuse a clear glass vessel with vibrant lemons for a burst of colour.
  4. Utilise space on different levels - maximise space by incorporating vases on cabinets or high shelves, adding dimension to your interior.
  5. Use various sizes for contrast -mix and match colours, textures, and sizes for a captivating display of vases in varying heights, creating a visually striking ensemble.