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Office and gaming furniture for any work space

In need of a new desk and office chair to work from home? Does your workplace office need a refresh? Or are you ready to level up your gaming set-up? Whatever your situation we've got what you need at JYSK. We have a large selection of desks, computer desks, adjustable height desks, office chairs, gaming chairs, drawers and office storage for you to choose from. Shop our collection of versatile, stylish and Scandinavian design office furniture to achieve the look you want that will help to get you in the zone for completing your tasks whether it is for doing homework, studying, writing or for business. Shop online for home delivery or click & collect from any of our stores in Ireland.

Ergonomic office furniture

At JYSK there is a selection of workstation desks, computer and gaming stations, laptop supports and office chairs – all of which are available at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for wooden, metal or concrete desks we've got plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. We also offer ergonomic chairs with lumbar support that will keep you seated in the correct posture for hours to prevent neck and back pain. 

How to style an office

The design of an office has a greater impact on your efficiency and creativity than you expect. A home office does not have to be practical and tedious. Make a virtue out of the office decor and create a modern and cosy space. Whether you are into stylish design or have more focus on comfortable or functional furniture, JYSK has something for everyone. 

Discover inspiration for designing your home office.

Must-haves for your home office

Whether you have a room dedicated to a home office/workspace, or you find space in the bedroom, hallway or living room, these are the factors to consider and the essentials you'll need.

1. Office chair - Ensure you find a comfortable office chair that ensures that you sit with good posture and provides the necessary support - read more here about how to sit correctly. This is especially important if you are a gamer or are working long hours. You may just want to choose the chair that looks good but it's very important to make sure the chair is right for your use, fortunately, at JYSK you can buy office chairs and gaming chairs that meet both requirements.

2. Desk -The desk is the essence of your home office as it sets the scene for the design of your entire workspace. Your desk should ideally be both practical and attractive in terms of size and material. Small desks are great for light office work, while an office intended for working at home frequently requires a larger work surface for a keyboard, monitor, PC, printer and other equipment. Built-in drawers on the desk are practical, making it easy to organise office supplies. A minimalist desk with no large drawers creates a feeling of lightness in the décor and provides good legroom. 

3. Storage - There are various solutions for storage furniture that can easily eliminate clutter from the desk, out of sight in drawers and cabinets. A drawer unit with wheels or chest of drawers is a great option for storing files and papers or use a bookcase to keep things organised and easily accessed. Other storage solutions that are suitable for the office space are magazine holders or baskets and boxes, which are at the same time decorative to have standing.

5 tips for designing your home office

It can be a challenge to organise an office in your home. Read on for inspirational design ideas on how to create a functional and appealing home office.

1. Designing an office in your living room

Not everyone has a spare room for a home office, therefore you may have to think of other rooms in the house that can allow your home office to work within them. There are many creative and inspiring ways of establishing an office space in your home. For example, you could convert a corner or a wall of your living room into an office, therefore taking advantage of the space in your home to be productive, whilst still having your children play in the background. 

2. Home office furniture arrangement

Most people choose a design where the desktop compliments the rest of the room. Therefore allowing your work space to work in harmony with the decor of whichever room you plan to put your office in. A corner of your living room can provide the perfect space for establishing an office space. Instead of installing a big armchair, which you only rarely sit in, you can maximise a frequently underused space. Consider adding a simple desk, chair and maybe a small shelving unit for storage.

3. Think of new interior options

A combined living room design incorporating a dining area, a sofa and a desk gives your room more depth. The concept of consolidating several different rooms into one room can make the room seem much bigger as you have created many corners/uses for the room. When you establish an office in your living room, it's important to select furniture with a simple design to make the room larger, as opposed to large, heavy furniture that can make the room seem smaller. For example, you could choose a simple, stylish desk that matches the Scandinavian style featured in many homes. 

4. Make the very best use of space in your home

The installation of a desk in a living room ensures the very best use of the space, which is an excellent solution for people who lack space in their flat or house. Add plants and practical office accessories to maximise the practicality of the area.

5. Keep things tidy – storage of office articles and other clutter

Establishing an office in your living room means that you need to keep things neat and tidy at your desk. One idea might be to acquire some wicker storage baskets or other chic storage boxes, placed either directly on the desk or on some shelves. This means you can quickly tidy your things away, whilst still having everything you need right at your fingertips. It's important to bear in mind that an office in your living room must neither occupy too much space nor create too much turmoil. Your desk in your living room should serve as an integral part of the room, that way you will get the greatest pleasure out of your home office.