WEEE Recycling

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WEEE Recycling at JYSK

At JYSK we take recycling and the environment seriously – therefore we are proud to follow the WEEE guidelines.

When you purchase any electrical product at JYSK, a contribution to recycling costs is already included in the price.

Following the standards for WEEE, you can return batteries to any JYSK store for recycling. You can also return electrical products, gas discharge lamps and batteries on a like for like basis to any JYSK store. In addition, you can recycle electrical waste free of charge at recycling centres and on public collection days.

Why is WEEE recycling important?

The recycling of waste batteries, electrical and lightning equipment makes sure that valuable resources such as plastic, metals and glass are reprocessed. It also ensures that hazardous waste materials are recycled correctly and environmentally friendly.

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What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and includes any product with a plug or a battery, as well as waste batteries. You can recognise these products by the Wheeled Bin Symbol. Make sure to properly recycle WEEE products to protect the environment.

WEEE symbol Wheeled Bin


JYSK is registered under the WEEE registration no. (2727WB).

Visit weeeireland.ie and weee.ie to find recycling centres near you and further information on the recycling of electrical goods.