Bookcases & room dividers that create space and order

Shelves, room dividers and shelving systems are ideal for creating order in the home, and are generally designed to meet the need for storage. Room dividers are, as the name suggests, particularly obvious to use as partitions to divide a room. Most homes contain one or more shelving units. For example, a bookshelf in the living room or office, a shelf in the wardrobe for storing clothes and shoes and a display case with glass doors, which can be used for extra closet space in the kitchen or living room.
JYSK's selection of furniture for storage ranges from smart room dividers and shelves with cabinets and drawers, to practical display cabinets and decorative shelves. Explore our range and find a good offer on storage furniture that matches your needs - we offer many sizes, colours and materials such as wood, metal, bamboo, oak and melamine.

Maximise your space with versatile shelving solutions

Bookcases and room dividers are great for storage in all rooms. Our extensive range of bookcases available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials offers something for everyone. With wooden, bamboo, metal and concrete look you won't have to compromise on style for your storage! Choose from bookcases and room dividers that are perfect for the living room, bedroom and dining area. Bookcases and room dividers are the ideal solution to partitioning off areas to create 'two' rooms in one. Choose trends and convenience with our ladder bookcases available in white. If you love to read and have an extensive collection of books then store them proudly on a bookshelf where you can admire and access them easily and pick up where you left off. 

Create variety and optimal use of your bookcase or room divider by putting boxes or baskets in some of the rooms. It is a smart solution to avoid clutter in the home and toy chaos in the children's room because things are easy to clear away. If you do not want your things to be visible, you can advantageously choose a bookcase with cabinets and drawers.

Our bookcases and room dividers are available in three core categories including BASIC, PLUS and GOLD. These categories represent three levels of quality and price from great value for money to superior quality at affordable prices.