Do you find yourself in need of extra space to work or study at home, or maybe you need a new gaming station? With the right office furniture, such as a desk, you can create a dedicated area to focus on your work or level up on your gaming. Make your desk work for your needs, if it's for occasional use a simplistic design with just a worktop and frame. If you'll be using your desk for many hours throughout the day, you'll want to consider the functionality, including storage space with a drawer and built-in shelves. Something else to consider for longer use would be an adjustable height desk. With the push of a button you can raise or lower your desk height allowing yourself time to stand up, re-energise and re-focus. Browse our extensive range of Scandinavian design desks below and find one to suit your style and budget. 

36 products
    36 products


    A desk is an essential part of your home office, and at JYSK you will find executive desks and PC desks in several different models, sizes and materials. Small desks are great for light office work, while the office that serves as home workstations often requires a large desk with built-in drawers and ample desk space for your printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, folders and miscellaneous papers.

    In addition, you can choose to buy an office chair that gives your back the optimal support when you sit and work through tasks for many hours. Also remember that it is important to have good lighting at your workstation whether it is for doing business work, school homework, writing or drawing.


    The right gaming setup requires a good table. When investing in a gamer table, it is important to choose one that suits your needs. At JYSK you will find a smart gaming table with built-in LED lights, stickers, cup holder and cable cover. Remember to choose a gaming chair that can be adjusted to the desk height. Read more about our recommendations for choosing the right gaming chair and gaming table.


    An office job is usually equal to many hours in front of the computer screen. Therefore, it’s important that you sit ergonomically correct, and make sure to vary your working position several times during a day. You can do this easily with a height adjustable desk, having the freedom to raise and lower your workspace to allow you to sit and stand comfortably all day long. At JYSK you'll find adjustable desks with steel frames and a veneer tabletop in black and white. We've listed just a few of the benefits of using a standing desk.

    1. Standing desks can reduce back pain.
    2. Standing up whilst working can help you to burn more calories during the day.
    3. Standing desks can help to improve your mood.
    4. Standing increases your productivity.