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Laptop stand by bed

Office ideas for the bed-addict

At JYSK we love spending time in bed and it seems that we are not alone. All over the world, more and more people are using their beds, not only for sleep but also for meals, watching Netflix, chatting to friends etc.

Some of us also work or do our homework from our sleep space. Working from bed sometimes gets you into a better flow – and you don't have to dedicate the precious space in a small apartment to a desk and an office chair. Instead, just keep your papers in a moveable chest of drawers and use a laptop support stand.

However, there are a few thing that you need to consider, before you go all in on the concept of working from bed.

Work ethics for the procastinator

Don't fall into the "I'll just do it tonight"-trap. It is tempting to procrastinate during the day and even more so when you have the option of finishing your work from bed at home. Don't let the option of working from home give you an excuse to check Instagram or the latest news.

Heating danger: Get a laptop stand for bed

You must always be careful when you are using electrical appliances. They can get very warm, especially if you have placed them on a duvet or throw, which prevents the fan in the device from working properly and the laptop to overheat. Instead get a laptop stand for bed where you safely can place the laptop.

Cherish your sleep

If you feel that your sleep is affected in any way from your other activities in bed, stop them and dedicate your bed to pleasant and sleep related activities. Some people are very sensitive and will start combining any stress that they might feel in relation to work to sleep. This results in difficulty falling asleep and poor sleep quality. If you really feel the need to take action, make the bedroom your "device-free" zone. Put your chargers elsewhere and use an old-fashioned alarm clock instead of your smartphone alarm. Read more about the impact of blue light from electrical devices on your sleep quality

Don't forget the hygiene

Don't forget to change your bed linen around every 2 weeks to prevent dust mite allergy - and more often if you don't like bread crumbs in bed ...


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