Discover innovative wall shelf designs for stylish organisation

Do you have bare sections on the walls around your home that you would like to do something about? Using shelves as a storage solution utilises wall space and their open design keeps things organised. Choose from a variety of shelving options to suit your interiors style at affordable prices. Here at JYSK, you will find a great selection of wall shelves and cabinets. You will also find an extensive range of home accessories such as candles, artificial plants and string lights to display on your wall shelf. Create the desired atmosphere in your home, by decorating with personal items such as a family picture or frame. 



Maximise your space with versatile shelving solutions

Shelves are an affordable and easy storage solution and are great for organising decorative items, books and photo frames. Box shelves can be built up in a modular tier design to create a decorative feature with plenty of storage - use the hexagon shape for a honeycomb effect. Our assortment of floating shelves are available in black, white or oak and range from small to wide sizes. The HEJLSMINDE range combines wood and metal to create an industrial aesthetic and once mounted provides a sturdy ledge to display items in your office, bedroom or bathroom.