Add a personal touch with our kitchen essentials. From sleek glassware to modern minimalist bowls, our range combines practicality with timeless design. Choose from a spectrum of colours and prints to match your style, whether you prefer bold statements or understated elegance. Our unique mugs and drinking glasses add a charming touch to every dining occasion. Dive into our extensive collection, including glassware, bowls, plates, cutlery, water bottles, jugs, and more, to find the perfect pieces for your kitchen. Let JYSK be your destination for quality and style in the heart of your home.

See our selection of drinking glasses, and plates as well as our other kitchen accessories.

A table setting for every occasion

Our assortment offers a wide selection of essentials for breakfast, dinner, table setting, and coffee breaks. Choose from:

  • Glasses and drinking glasses in various colours
  • Mugs, cups, and milk jugs for tea, coffee, and milk
  • Egg cups for your morning eggs
  • Lunch and dinner plates and bowls for every meal

Elevate your dining experience with our diverse range of stylish and functional tableware.