Light up your home with decorative lighting

Light up your home with decorative lighting options such as lamps, ceiling lights, LED lighting, and fairy string lights from JYSK. More lighting in a home can change the mood as well as create the illusion of a bigger space. In true Scandinavian design, we've kept our selection of lighting neutral so that they will suit a whole host of home interiors - choose from white, black, grey and chrome light bases and stands. Browse our lighting collection online or see your favourites illuminated in-store!

Illuminate your home with enchanting decorative lighting

If you’ve recently revamped your home, you’ll already know that lamps and light fittings can cost a pretty penny. Lighting is often something of an afterthought, although it’s often the key to bringing your design scheme together. It’s important to plan lots of different sources of light for your rooms so that you can go from brightly lit to soft and relaxing at the flick of a switch. Thankfully, JYSK offers a stylish range of Scandinavian-inspired lighting options that are as affordable as they are beautiful.

How to choose the right lighting

Lighting in the living room doesn’t have to come from an expensive ceiling lamp. Many people make the mistake of not considering what kind of light they want their new lamp to provide before they buy it. Light shades, lamps and candles have a big influence on the mood of your living room, as they can really set the scene. The lighting elements of your room can also add to the decorative design without being too expensive. Shop our selection of contemporary pendants or ceiling lights, free-standing lamps and bedside table lamps - or add subtle spots of light with our glowing decorative LED string light baubles that aren’t just for Christmas. Our range of string lights and lightboxes run on batteries so they will not need to be plugged into outlets or add unnecessary costs to your electricity bill.  If you include a variety of lighting options to suit every mood, you can’t go wrong. 

Transform your bedroom with the right lighting

Add a touch of radiance to your bedroom with our budget-friendly lighting options. In today's homes, bedrooms often serve multiple purposes beyond just sleeping, functioning as dressing areas or home offices. Therefore, a combination of light sources is key for optimal bedroom illumination.

Discover the ideal lighting solutions tailored to your bedroom needs:

1. Ambient bedroom lighting

Illuminate your space with overall brightness, perfect for tasks like grooming or working. Ceiling lights provide uniform illumination, spreading light throughout the room efficiently.

2. Brighter light with good colour rendition

Enhance colour accuracy with lighting that mimics natural daylight. Opt for white or sheer curtains to allow ample daylight in, ensuring optimal colour rendition. Consider installing LED spotlights near wardrobes for superior colour rendering and energy efficiency.

3. Cosy bedside lighting

Create a warm, cosy ambience near your bed with a bedside reading lamp. Choose a bulb emitting soothing, reddish light to promote relaxation and reduce melatonin production. Opt for concentrated light to minimize disturbance to your partner while reading.