Decorative lights, string and fairy lights

Create that cosy hygge feeling with lighting options from JYSK. From candles to lanterns to string light, you will achieve plenty of hygge at home. Add the finishing touches to your home with decorative lighting - the warm glow of string lights in a corner of a room can instantly change the atmosphere and create a cosy, welcoming space. Have some fun with our decorative neon multi-coloured lights and lightboxes. Browse our lighting collection online or see your favourites illuminated in store!

11 products
    11 products

    Decorative lighting

    LED string lights KAARE L135cm w/10 LED
    Fibre optic lamp VIKTOR D8xH34cm w/LED
    Battery lamp ARNOLD D9xH16cm
    Battery lamp HOLGER D15xH17cm
    Battery lamp JACOB D13xH21cm
    Battery lamp MINGUS D13xH18cm
    Diffuser HANNES D11xH16cm w/light
    Battery lamp KENT D16xH25cm grey w/touch and timer
    Galaxy projector KARLO with multicolour LED
    Battery lamp KLEMENS D29xH46cm w/timer

    Light up your home everyday

    A variety of light sources will give the room atmosphere and create a sense of depth in the room. 

    Switch up your home decor with the addition of decorative lighting. Fairy lights and string lights are a fun and easy way to bring decorative light into your home with a welcoming glow. You can choose from our fun and playful range of decorative lights that will create a warm mood in any room. Get creative with the popular light bulb string lights or hang your favourite polaroid photos with peg string lights. Add our collection of neon lights to your children's bedroom for a new take on a night light - the playful baubles and star designs will make bedtime more fun! You can get personal with a lightbox and create messages that will add character to your home. 


    String lights are a fun and easy way to add atmosphere to a room while lighting it up. If you haven’t yet stored away the Christmas string lights, and if you have a see through vase let the two light up the room in an unexpected and beautiful way. String lights are lightweight so you can hang them from a small hook in a dark corner or you can drape them from a wall shelf like above. Bonus: If you like to re-decorate, they are really easy to move around as they run on a battery. Take a look in your JYSK store and online and get hygge inspiration from our cosy home accessories and items.