Bulbs and batteries for the best lighting

Don't let the lights go out! Make sure you're stocked up on AA and AAA batteries for your fairy lights and light bulbs for your table lamps so there's never a dull moment in your home. The advantage of using battery-operated lights is that they will not add unnecessary costs to your electricity bill. A variety of light sources will add atmosphere to any room throughout your home and create a sense of depth in the room. Get our best tips to light your home here.

Long lasting batteries and bulbs for everyday use

Create the right mood in your home with lighting - you can choose a traditional E27 bulb for your everyday lamps or if you've chosen a style of lamp where the bulb is exposed go for our LED filament bulbs which are a great piece of decoration and design as well as being practical. Our prices are completely affordable so you can stock up on replacements without breaking the bank! Keep your string lights and battery-operated appliances juiced up with our selection of batteries - AA batteries, AAA batteries and CR2032 batteries to choose from.