Our rugs have got your floors covered!

Switch up the look of your home with our beautiful range of rugs. A new rug can be an effective way to give your room a fresh look without redecorating or investing in new flooring and carpets. Rugs add another dimension of style to your home, keeping it cosy and warm. At JYSK, there's a rug for every style and budget, from small to large, round to rectangular. Choose from soft, fluffy rugs that feel great underfoot to natural-looking jute rugs. Explore our selection of plain, striped, Persian, and geometric design rugs. With JYSK's great offers, enhancing your home’s comfort and style has never been more affordable.

Stylish and affordable rugs to elevate your home decor

Rugs, along with cushions and throws, can instantly transform a tired or drab scheme. JYSK offers a wide selection of rugs in various sizes, perfect for small areas like entrance halls and porches, as well as larger living spaces. Our designs showcase Scandinavian influences, featuring muted neutrals and contemporary textures in both easy-care synthetic and high-quality natural fibres. Larger rugs not only make a fabulous design statement but also add comfort underfoot and protect hard floors and carpets from wear and tear. Enhance your home's style and functionality effortlessly with JYSK's diverse rug collection.

5 reasons why you need a rug in your life

  1. Enhance Your Décor: A rug adds depth to a room, introducing a new texture that complements your furniture and homeware.
  2. Add Comfort: Rugs create an instantly cosy aesthetic with their soft materials, making your home feel more inviting.
  3. Style: Make a statement in your living room, bedroom, or hallway with a stylish rug that showcases your taste and personality.
  4. Warmth: A rug on a hardwood floor increases the warmth and comfort of a room. Place a rug next to your bed for a soft, warm surface to step on in the morning.
  5. Cover Imperfections: Hide scratches, cracks, or stubborn stains on your flooring with a rug for a quick and stylish fix.

Rugs for your living room

A rug in your living room is a classic choice, especially if you have beautiful original floorboards to showcase. Placing a rug adds a touch of cosiness and hygge without overshadowing your home's original features. Remember to use a rug underlay to prevent slipping and sliding.

So, where should you place your rug in the living room? The centre is often ideal, perhaps with a coffee table on top as a focal point. However, consider positioning your rug under a chair or sofa to create distinct 'zones' in your living room, adding both style and functionality to your space.

A rug in your dining room

Many dining rooms feature wooden or laminate flooring and are often connected to the kitchen, making it easy to style a rug without worrying about existing carpet. Try placing a rug under your dining table and chairs to create a distinct 'zone' in the room. This approach works particularly well in a combined kitchen/dining area, allowing the dining space to feel like a separate, inviting area where you can enjoy meals with friends and family.

A rug in your bedroom

You can never have too much cosiness in your bedroom. Even with a carpet, a rug can enhance the warmth and style of your sleeping space. Try placing a rug in front of your bed or wardrobe as a central feature, or slightly tuck it under your bed for a unique look. This creates a soft, cosy surface to step onto in the morning, making your bedroom even more inviting.