Adding a large rug to your living spaces can instantly change the atmosphere, create depth to the room and introduce new textures to your decor. With soft, fluffy rugs you can create a warm and comfy environment and with natural jute rugs you can create a stylised aesthetic in your home that's bang on trend. By placing a large rug under your furniture like sofa, armchairs and beds you can pull the look of the room together. Pick complementary materials, colours and designs that work with your existing interior or choose something contrasting for a dramatic statement. Discover our selection of large rugs available online and in-store in neutral colours.

13 products
    13 products


    Our selection of large rugs are perfect for making larger living spaces feel cosy. You can shop our range of shaggy rugs which bring luxurious quality and comfort to your home. When shopping for a new rug you should first consider the room and interior in which you'll place it in. Keeping your colour scheme neutral with our range of white, black and grey rugs will compliment both simplistic and bold interiors. You can also keep the design simple with a block colour or introduce geometric designs or patterned rugs into your living room. Large rectangular rugs or carpets can make quite the impression on your living room or bedroom and often finish off the decor, both visually and for comfort. 

    We know that accidents can happen - so when they do, we're here to offer some tips and tricks. Read our blog post on: How to get red wine out of rugs and carpets.


    We offer a wide selection of large rugs in different sizes:

    • 130x193 cm
    • 135x190 cm
    • 140x200 cm
    • 160x230 cm
    • 200x300 cm

    Our rugs are rectangular in size, but some of the rugs can be cut in size or shape, so you can get a square or round rug, for example.


    Our rugs are made of different materials, you will find rugs made from both natural materials and synthetic materials. 

    • Jute - coveted rug with coarse structure and a natural look derived from plant fibres. This type of material is almost maintenance-free and very durable.
    • Polypropylene - the most widely used material for the manufacture of synthetic carpets. It does not absorb liquid and is easier to keep clean than many other rugs.
    • Cotton - well-known soft material that warms nicely around the feet. A cotton rug fits into most homes.