A new rug can be an effective way to give your room a fresh look, they're also an easy way to add warmth and homeliness to any room. Small rugs are easily placed where there's some empty space or layered under furniture to give dimensions to your interior. The small rugs are available in nylon, polyester, cotton and jute with beautiful patterns and in different sizes. Choose a classic black, grey or white rug, or decorate with a colourful rug in blue, green or multicoloured. There is something for everyone. Note that some rugs have a non-slip latex backing. If not, you can buy a rug underlay with anti-slip to prevent the loose rugs from slipping around.


20 products
    20 products

    Small rugs

    Rug FLOTGRAS 60x90 white/orange
    €14.99 /each
    Save 60%
    While stocks last
    Only in store
    Rug GROBLAD 60x90 blue/rose
    €10 /each
    Save 35%
    While stocks last
    Rug KUBJELLE 65x160 rose/yellow
    €20 /each
    Save 25%
    Only in store
    Rug VASSTELG 70x140 blue/white
    €29.99 /each
    Save 50%
    While stocks last
    Only in store
    Rug KILDEURT 65x120 natural
    €22.99 /each
    Save 24%
    Rug MIMOSA 80x200 natural
    €34.99 /each
    Save 43%
    Rug FJELLFLOKK 70x180 natural/black
    €49.99 /each
    Save 45%
    Only in store
    Rug RABBESIV 65x120 grey
    €39.99 /each
    Save 25%


    Small rugs are a great way to layer different colours, textures and prints and can make a big impact in the living room, hallway and bedroom. From oriental rag rugs with boho chic fringing to faux fur fluffy hides that feel luxurious underfoot - choose the perfect rug to suit your style. JYSK's range of small rugs includes non-slip latex backing. Choose from woven cotton blends, imitation wool or on-trend jute mats. Have you considered hanging small oriental style rugs to create an affordable wall tapestry? Geometric designs and woven patterns create intricate and beautiful details, but at JYSK they're all at an affordable price. Find a range of colours, from dusty pastel pinks and greens, monochromatic black and white designs, or neutral off-white and grey options.


    Small rugs and runners are best used where foot traffic is light around the home, they can be used to add depth to different places, introduce new textures. Use small rugs in a layered display or place them where there is empty floor space to add more to your interior decor. 

    SMALL RUGS IN THE KITCHEN - Small rugs can be placed where most of the standing occurs, like in front of the kitchen sink. Since the kitchen is prone to spill -choose a rug that can stand up to the mess. Darker wool rugs are a great choice here. You could even look into indoor/outdoor rugs which can withstand wear and tear and are easily cleaned.

    SMALL RUGS IN THE BEDROOM - If you've not got a room for a large rug under the bed, choosing two small rugs for either side of the bed can be an effective decor choice. There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning and stepping onto soft on the ground as you get up. 

    SMALL RUGS IN THE HALLWAY - A hallway rug may seem like the most ideal of choices. You can opt for a smaller, thinner rug to add a level of warmth and style running down the centre of your hallway. A rug is a perfect choice for a hallway instead of a carpet, especially if your family love the great outdoors. Stepping straight onto a carpet in muddy shows isn't ideal, but with a rug, you have enough room to firstly take off your shoes, then a nice rug to step onto.


    We offer a wide range of sizes for out collection of small rugs:

    • 60x90 cm
    • 65x120 cm
    • 65x140 cm
    • 70x140 cm
    • 70x160 cm
    • 80x200 cm
    • 90x150 cm

    You'll find some of our small rugs are rectangular, others are longer in shape and referred to as runners.