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Keep warm after a shower

How do you avoid getting cold, when you step out of a lovely, warm shower? There are several things to do, and as always, planning is key. When you step out of a shower, you have a higher body temperature due to the hot water on your skin and hair. Once the water on your skin starts evaporating, you lose body heat. Use these tips to stay warm:

1. Prepare well when taking a shower

Before you start your shower, dampen the edges of the shower curtain to stick it to the wall on both ends. That way, it is less likely to blow in and stick to your bare legs.

Towards the end of your shower, start slowly turning down the water temperature to adjust to the cooler temperatures outside the shower. You can also open the shower curtain a little to help even out the temperatures. This way you will also let a little steam seep into the rest of the bathroom and warm it up.

2. Use two bath towels

You can protect yourself from the cold by removing excess water as quickly as possible. Have two bath towels ready for when you step out of the shower: One for your hair/head and one for your body. If you use only one towel, it will be wet and soggy, once you have used it for your hair. It will not be able to absorb as much water from your body and get your body dry fast.

3. Use the right bath towels

Thick, soft towels give you a sense of comfort, are more absorbent than thin and light ones, and will get you dry faster.

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4. Use dry, warm bath towels

Make sure that your bath towels have dried properly since your last shower. Keep in mind that the heavier towel, the longer it will take to dry. Drying yourself with a moist towel is an unpleasant experience, that will not help you stay warm after your shower.

If possible, leave your towels on a heated towel rail or near a radiator, so they feel nice and warm once you are ready to dry yourself.

5. Place your bath towels right

Hang your bath towels within reach from the shower so you can dry off quickly after your shower. Keeping them close to the shower can also help keeping them warm.

6. Use the right drying technique

Dry off fast with one side of the towel, then turn it over and use the other side. If you use a thick towel, the other side will still be nice and dry.

7. Place clothes and slippers close to the shower

Remember to bring your bathrobe and your slippers with you to the bathroom and place them near the shower. The hot shower will warm them up, so they are super comfy.

Wearing a cosy bathrobe after your shower will also give you more time for a relaxing self-care routine, than if you hurry out of the bathroom to get clothed.


Enjoy your shower! 

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