Fresh towels for your bathroom

Are your towels worn or does the bathroom need to be refreshed with towels in gorgeous colours? Then find your new towels at JYSK. We have a wide range of bath towels, guest towels, hand towels, washcloths and face cloths in different colours, patterns, sizes, textiles and qualities that you can use to freshen up your bathroom décor with bright colours or stick to stylish neutral colours. We have something for every style, taste and budget. 

Luxury bath linen essentials 

Make every day feel like you're staying at a premium spa hotel with luxuriously soft cotton towels, bath sheets and washcloths. A bathroom is a place where we spend a lot of time so why not indulge in quality towels that will make you feel happy and comfy on a daily basis. Thick, plush towels available in a whole host of colours including grey, blue, green, white and pink! Keep it simple with monochrome style or choose something with detail like stripes or jacquard woven design. Wrap up in a large bath sheet and soak up every drop of water from your hot shower or dip in the tub. Use a bath towel wrap around your hair and complete the look with matching hand towels and guest towels. We offer complete matching sets so everything can match! 

Explore our wide selection of towels now online or head to your local JYSK store to get up close and personal with the range. 

How to wash your new towels

In order for your new towels to achieve the best possible absorbency and durability, it is important that you do not use them immediately.

  • Start by soaking the towels in cold water for 24 hours.
  • Wash your towels at 60 degrees - avoid fabric softener.
  • Dry the towels in the dryer if you have the opportunity - it provides soft towels.
  • This method also ensures that any excess colour is washed away.
  • See a detailed description of our guide to washing new towels.

Towel sizes

At JYSK, you can find towels in exactly the sizes you need. See our good guidelines for what the different sizes are used for: 

  • Guest towel: 40x60
  • Towel: 50x100
  • Bath towel: 70x140
  • Beach towel: 100x150

A great offer for everyone

We've divided some of our core items into three categories: BASIC, PLUS and GOLD. These categories represent three levels of quality and price from great value for money to superior quality at affordable prices. No matter what your budget may be with BASIC, PLUS and GOLD you're in control. Choose BASIC for great value for money. Choose PLUS for more choice and quality, at a sensible price. Choose GOLD for superior quality made with the finest materials, all at an affordable price.