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Choosing your towels: The ultimate guide

When buying new towels for your home, there are several factors you should consider before making your decision. With a wide variety of towels available in different sizes, materials, colours, and price ranges, the options can easily be a little overwhelming. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly, affordable towels that offer great value for your money or luxury towels crafted from the most premium materials, making an informed decision is key to end up with the right purchase.

This guide is designed to help you navigate your towel buying experience, ensuring that you choose the perfect towels to meet your specific needs and preferences. By considering all these aspects, you can confidently select towels that will provide comfort, durability, and style for your home.

1. Quality and safety in towels

When buying everyday items like towels, certain factors are worth considering above all else. Prioritise getting towels of a quality that matches your needs and offers great value for your money. At JYSK, our towels are divided into three categories: BASIC, PLUS, and GOLD. Towels in the BASIC category are very affordable and durable, and thus provide exceptional value for money, while the GOLD category offers luxury towels of the highest quality, also at an affordable price. In the PLUS category, you will find great towels that balance quality and affordability.  

Consider purchasing the highest quality towels your budget and preferences allow to ensure you get towels that are soft, absorbent, and durable so they will last a long time.

At JYSK, all our towels are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that no matter which towel you choose, regardless of type, material, colour, or price level, you will receive a towel that is free from harmful chemicals and completely safe for you and your family.

2. Towel size and types of towels

There are many different types of towels to choose from, each designed with specific purposes in mind. Using different towels for various needs in your home is a great idea. From small facecloths to large bath sheets, you can read more about each type of towel in the cheat sheet or a simple overview of towel sizes below. The overview also provides links to all varieties of towels in our assortment of each specific size. Keep in mind that many of our towels are part of a towel set, so you can get towels for different purposes that match each other. 

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Cheat sheet: Towel type and size overview 

Towel type 

Towel size/dimensions

28x30 cm / 28 x 30 cm

40x60 cm / 40 x 60 cm
30x50 cm / 30 x 50 cm

50x100 cm / 50 x 100 cm
50x90 cm / 50 x 90 cm

70x140 cm / 70 x 140 cm
65x130 cm / 65 x 130 cm 

100x150 cm / 100 x 150 cm

Face cloths

A face cloth, sometimes also known as a washcloth, is a small, versatile towel that is perfect for a variety of uses. You can use it to dry off your face after washing, clean your hands, or even tend to a baby's delicate skin. Its compact size of 28x30 cm makes it easy to handle and ideal for everyday tasks. 

Guest towels

The middle sibling between the face cloth and the hand towel, guest towels are a versatile option ideal for drying your hands or face in a guest restroom or guest room. The size of a guest towel is typically 40x60 cm or 30x50 cm.

Hand towels

As the name implies, hand towels are mainly used for drying your hands in the restroom after washing, but as a great catch-all size, they are suitable for almost any purpose. Due to their frequent use, investing in high-quality, durable hand towels will ensure they withstand regular wear and tear for a long time to come. 

Bath towels

The bath towel is the most common and popular type of towel. When it comes to drying off after a bath or shower, the bath towel is the standard, go-to option. Its size makes it versatile and perfect for everyday use, providing the right balance between absorbency and coverage.

Bath sheets

Larger than a bath towel, the bath sheet is the largest towel available in our assortment. Bath sheets are ideal for drying off after a shower or bath due to their full coverage. Their generous size provides extra absorbency and comfort, making them a luxurious choice for everyday use.

3. The weight of the towel

The weight of a towel is generally a great indicator of its quality; the heavier the weight, the more durable and absorbent it will be. Towel weight is measured in grams per square meter (g/m2). For example, our KARLSTAD towel collection – a customer favourite for over 10 years – is classified in our GOLD category and comes with a weight of 500g/m2

The following weight categorisation of towels serves as a helpful general guideline for understanding towel weight:

  • Lightweight towels
    300-400g/m2. Lightweight towels are thin, offering fast drying times and versatility for various purposes.
  • Medium weight towels
    400-600g/m2. Slightly heavier than lightweight towels, these are ideal for use as both guest towels and bath towels. They take slightly longer to dry but generally offer a softer, denser feel.
  • Heavyweight towels
    600g or more/m2. These are generally considered the most luxurious options. Heavyweight towels provide superior softness, thickness, and density, which means they absorb more water but take longer to dry.

When selecting towels for your home, keep in mind that denser, heavier towels tend to be more durable, absorbent, and softer, akin to those found in spas and high-end hotels. On the other hand, towels with a lower weight will naturally offer a lighter feel and quicker drying time. 

4. Children's towels, bath mats, and wash gloves

Alongside the various towel types discussed in this guide, our assortment also features children’s towels adorned with beloved characters from toys, cartoons, movies, and video games. Additionally, you will also discover bath mats and other bathroom accessories, including wash gloves.

Children's towels with popular characters and patterns

Bath mats and wash gloves

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