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Stack of blue towels on a bench with a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser

The buyer’s favourite bathroom accessories

Our experienced buyer, Kathrine Møller Vinther, has handpicked new products for the Bathroom category. Kathrine is an expert in catering for our customers and cares deeply about the right qualities, current trends and affordable prices: “I always like it when you are able to see your style though in every room in your home – including the bathroom. That is why I have focussed on two trend themes in two very different colour scales: From the classic, Scandinavian blue and sand colours to the more romantic, feminine universe with soft rose and pastel colours. There is always something for everyone at JYSK,” she says smiling.  

Romantic elegance

Sand coloured and pink towel next to toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and face roller
LISTERBYSoap dispenser LISTERBY white nacre effect
€7.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €7.99 /each (-25%)
LISTERBYToothbrush holder LISTERBY white nacre effect
€6.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €6.99 /each (-28%)
NORAHand towel NORA 50x100 sand
€9.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €9.99 /each (-50%)
+ More sizes

“First, I would like to highlight the LISTERBY bathroom set. It is a brand-new look and quality in our bathroom category,” Katherine begins. “It has a very cute white pearl look that is shiny, yet elegant. It fits perfectly into both a classic and a romantic-styled bathroom.” 

LISTERBY is made of polyresin, which is a fairly tough material. This makes it perfect for families with children and people who prefer it practical in general. 

Kathrine goes on: “I would combine LISTERBY with soft and elegant sand or pink towels to really complete the romantic styling that appeals to so many people.”

Much like LISTERBY, the EDSBRO bathroom set has a very delicate look with its rounded shapes and hand-painted small dots in different soft pastel colours. 

The EDSBRO series is made of glass and includes soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.  

”I really think it looks amazing when you style EDSBRO towards the bohemian look with other products in brass and gold metallic. The yellow GISTAD towel truly makes the gold stand out,” Kathrine points out.   

Classic and cool bathroom accessories

“Next, I would like to draw some attention to our new collection STENINGE,” Kathrine goes on. “It is very cool with a simple and classic design, yet you still get a warm and comfy feeling due to the off-white and beige-coloured tiles that are very trendy at the moment.”

Stack of towels with soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toilet bush
STENINGEToothbrush holder STENINGE beige
€5.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €5.99 /each (-25%)
STENINGESoap dispenser STENINGE beige
€6.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €6.99 /each (-28%)
STENINGEToilet brush STENINGE beige
€11.99 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €11.99 /each (-25%)

STENINGE includes a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder and a toilet brush. It is made in stoneware with a tone-in-tone tile pattern. 

“I would style STENINGE with our luxury towel SORUNDA and keep it very tight and modern,“ Kathrine suggests. 

Put the finishing touches on your bathroom styling 

“These were my favourite bathroom sets in the new assortment, but I also want to highlight a few other items. First of all, the new sand-coloured pedal bin ULLATTI that matches the STENINGE series perfectly,” Kathrine continues. 

“The thin rectangular shape makes it stand out and fit into smaller bathrooms. I really love this warm colour,” she says.  

ULLATTI has a soft close lid and holds up to 5 litres. 

Kathrine has one more treat for us: “And then there is TORTUNA. I simply love this cute tray. The glaze makes the colour change from off-white to sand and gives the tray a realistic look.” 

TORTUNA is made of stoneware and shaped like a seashell. 

“I would use the TORTUNA tray for jewellery and hair accessories in my bathroom, dreaming of warm summer days at a sandy beach in the Caribbean,” Kathrine finishes with a smile. 

Why not bring those beach vibes into your bathroom? Combine the TORTUNA tray with the sand-coloured NORA towels and the ULLATTI pedal bin to create a coastal oasis or check the full range of bathroom accessories, bathmats, and shower curtains at to get creative and personalize your bathroom into a space that reflects your unique style and taste.

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