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Indoor hobbies for women, men and couples

Indoor winter crafts and hobbies

The dark and the cold makes indoor activities, sheltered from the elements, very appealing. Check out our list of fun hobbies that you can enjoy while waiting for the light to return along with warmer days.

Take care of your home

Dark and cold months are ideal for taking an extra look at your interior. Does it reflect your personal style, or does your home need a decluttering?

Redecorate your home

If your home doesn’t reflect who you are, or if you feel like it needs a makeover, it is a great idea to prepare a bit before going shopping. Cut out images from magazines and create a mood board that reflects the style that you like. With this in the back of your mind, redecorating is both funnier and easier. You don’t have to go through every room – maybe just your favourite nook or a corner that needs some extra care.

Organize your home

Clearing out the clutter in your home and organizing what is left in baskets, chests of drawers and wardrobes is an activity that can lead to more energy in your everyday life. You can start small and organize your wardrobes or drawers or you can go all in and focus on an entire room.

Get our 5 best tips on how to get rid of clutter and get organised


Don’t we all feel a bit sorry for ourselves when it is cold, wet and dark outside? Why not spend some time pampering yourself?

Do workout

Being physically active is healthy for both body and mind. Find some exercises that you feel good about and that make you build up a sweat.


Books can teach you about science, society, history, other people’s lives and feelings and much more. Make a nook in the living room, with an armchair, a cosy throw and good lighting and let yourself immerse yourself into another world.


Are you fed up cooking the same dishes day after day? Why not spend the dark evenings learning a new cuisine? Thai, Italian, French or maybe start making your own homemade bread. Bread flour, water, salt and yeast will get you off to a great start and nothing beats the taste of bread right out of the oven.


Find a quiet nook with a comfy armchair, some great lighting and sit down with a podcast, your favourite music or an audiobook in your ears and some needlework in your hands. Let yourself be inspired by this list of winter crafts:

Make a quilt

Quilting means stitching together three layers of fabric – a fabric top layer, a middle layer of wadding or batting and a fabric backing layer. You can use a tablecloth or other pieces of fabric with a nice pattern and when the quilt is done, you have a beautiful throw for cold evenings.

Embroidery/cross stitch

Cross-stitch is a type of embroidery in which you use x-shaped stitches to form a picture. Use it on a cushion, a table runner or a wall hanging and add a personal touch to your home


Get some yarn, knitting needles and get going on your knit and purl stitches. You and your family will end up with sweaters, scarves, hats or even dishcloths or throws. 

Sewing or repairing textiles

Why not repair clothes and textiles with a hole or a ripped seam instead of tossing them? Or put a decorative patch on a bag, make a cute headband, a purse or some hot pads. The options are endless.

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