Practical and decorative storage baskets from JYSK

A tidy home is a happy home! Does your house magically fill up with odds and ends that take up space and create a mess? If so, the solution to this problem lies in practical storage. Nothing is more efficient for keeping things out of the way than in baskets, containers and boxes. They enable you to store everything under the sun in a practical and decorative way. Here at JYSK, we offer baskets, boxes and crates in various sizes, shapes and materials that help to tidy up the room and optimize the use of living space. Whether you are hunting down some colourful cubbies for your child's room, modern wicker baskets for the living room, or a smart under bed box for the bedroom, you will surely find a storage basket at JYSK that suits your needs and tastes

Be organised with baskets, storage boxes and crates

At JYSK you'll find a wide array of baskets, storage boxes and trays that allow you to create order and make optimal use of your living space. Choose from an extensive range of basket and container storage solutions including plastic, wicker and seagrass baskets, folding boxes, plastic boxes with lids and wheels, underbed boxes, storage buckets, magazine holders, vacuum bags and laundry baskets.

Practical storage solutions help you keep things tidy, but they also present an opportunity to decorate and give your home a personal touch. For this reason, JYSK offers baskets, storage boxes, cubes and cases in a wide range of sizes, designs and materials. 

Tidying up is no party, therefore it can be difficult to sometimes get started. We have put together some tips and guides to help you organise and declutter your home. Find out more here.