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Armchairs, tub chairs whatever you call them, they're essential chairs with arm rests. That's all there is too them, but they can really bring a room together with the right upholstered style. Armchairs can really be the focal point of any room, a cosy corner to pop yourself with a great book or a hot drink and wind down. Choose from rustic wicker, chic faux leather or classic upholstery to find a chair that fits your decor. Create a spot to take a load off in your living room with our wide range of affordable and modern armchairs which also include a range of rocking and recliner chairs. Shop online or at your nearest JYSK store to explore our range of comfortable and affordable armchairs.

23 products
    23 products

    Discover the perfect armchair for your relaxation oasis

    Looking for a contemporary armchair to complete your sofa and living room furnishings?

    Find an affordable range of top quality armchairs in a variety of styles to suit your home interior style. From stylish loungers that embrace you in luxury to versatile footstools that provide extra seating or a cosy footrest, our collection has it all. A swivel or reclining high back armchair complete with footrest and arms in a faux leather fabric exudes comfort, luxury and suits a modern style. Alternatively a wicker rattan armchair in rustic oak is perfect for a mid century modern inspired home. If you’re looking for an accent chair to accompany an existing sofa – or just to bring your scheme up to date, we’ve also got some stylish and affordable options that will fit the bill nicely. Some of our armchairs even come with a footstool to help make the most of relaxing in your living room. Team with cosy cushions and throws and the perfect coffee table for a relaxing evening. Opt for a luxury matching sofa and armchair set in grey fabric for classic Scandinavian design.It's important to choose an armchair with a design that harmonises with the rest of your living room. For example, think about the chair's legs. If you choose an armchair with wooden legs you should choose a type of wood that matches the look of other wooden items in your living room: for example, your coffee table, bookcase or sideboard. Leather armchairs are very practical because they are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth if you spill something on them. Whether you want a cosy spot to enjoy reading a good book, or if you're after a statement furniture piece, you need to consider a few elements before buying a new armchair. 

    Key decisions to consider when buying an armchair

    When buying a armchair make sure you give yourself plenty of time to think about exactly it is that you need. Do you want a multi-functional armchair? Do you want a leather armchair or a wing back chair? With an armrest or armless ? How practical does it need to be? Remember to take the following points into consideration:

    • The height of the backrest of the armchair
    • Should it be with or without armrests?
    • Practical issues: material and colour
    • Comfort and quality
    • The style - such as a wingback chair

    Read more of our tips on choosing a new armchair here. Browse JYSK armchairs online to check out your favourites or visit us in store for even more inspiration.

    Care and maintenance tips for long-lasting comfort and style

    Extend the life and elegance of your armchairs with our expert care and maintenance tips. Whatever material you choose for your armchair, it is a good idea to clean and maintain your new furniture. Materials such as artificial leather can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth, while fabric is more delicate and requires care. Invest in a textile protection to prevent stains and textile cleansers to treat the fabric if the accident occurs. You can also buy wooden oil for the chair legs, which protect the wood from stains.

    Invest in the lasting comfort and elegance of your armchair - See our range of care and accessories here.