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Festival audience

Native, hedonist or commuter? 3 different types of festival goers

There are many, many different types of music festivals: rock, folk, jazz and dance are only some of them and summer time is high season. Do you love going to festivals? Or do you wonder if it is something for you? There are all kinds of different types of festival goers. See our list below - maybe you recognise your (future) self.

The festival native

The festival native goes all in and shows up before the festival starts and only goes home when the last band has played the very last encore. This festival goer makes a home out of the festival camp and lives a full life with friends, routines, and must see and do’s on the festival.

Festival essentials

The festival native is practical minded, likes to “hygge” and on his/her festival packing list is a tent, camping table, camping chairs, air bed and lots of nice to have accessories like string lights, LED lights, warm throws, cool bags and fun games.

The festival hedonist

This type takes advantage of the fact that he/she lives so close to the venue that it is possible to enjoy the music from the garden or balcony. This could be a person who loves to be (very) comfortable, prefers a homemade meal, or someone who is no fan of being among too many strangers or spending a lot of money on a ticket.

Festival essentials

With the hedonistic approach to life, this “festival goer” enjoys that he/she does not need to pack a lot of clothes and equipment. Is it raining? Not a problem. Just get shelter in the house. Is the sun shining ruthlessly from the blue sky? Not a problem. Just get under the parasol. Did your drink get warm? Not a problem. Just get a new one in the fridge. In the calm comfort of their home they listen to the music, relaxed in a hammock or invite friends to join them for a garden party with live music. If this could be you, make sure to provide shelter and shade for your guests with a gazebo and use lanterns to set the mood.

The festival commuter

This festival goer is someone in between the festival native and the festival hedonist. He/she doesn’t enjoy staying in a tent or sleeping on a roll mat. This could also be a person who wants to be home with the kids at night, or someone who likes to be comfortable but at the same time doesn’t want to miss out on any experiences. The festival commuter has found the perfect compromise.

Festival essentials

These comfort addicts probably don’t pack anything but just buy whatever they need at the festival. However, there are a few different items that make their festival stay more comfortable.

Did you recognise yourself or someone you know? Or did we miss a festival type? Let us know in the comments.

Have a fantastic festival!



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