Air beds are a practical solution

An air bed is invaluable for so many situations. If you are going camping or attending a music festival, then a blow-up mattress is an excellent solution. The inflatable bed can also make an excellent, comfortable guest bed. They are very convenient as they are easy to move and can be packed away without taking up space in your home. You can choose from single, double and king-size airbed options which are available in a variety of designs to suit your sleeping needs. A selection of our airbeds come with a built-in pump, so all you have to do is plug it in, flick the switch and away it goes, inflates in seconds! The built-in pump also deflates the air mattress as well.

An air mattress for your outdoor or indoor needs

A JYSK air bed could be exactly what you need to offer friends and family instant overnight accommodation!

There’s nothing new about the concept of an air mattress – it’s a design that’s been in use for more than 100 years. That said, if it’s a few years since your last experience with an inflatable mattress – and you remember it as a squeaky, slippery and uncomfortable one - you might want to give JYSK’s latest models a go. An air bed is the perfect solution when space is limited. Made to squash into a small space, an air mattress can be inflated using either a built-in or external pump in a matter of minutes. The velour top makes it easy to anchor sheets and provides a non-slip sleeping surface that’s warm to the touch. If you like to sleep on a platform that’s raised off the floor, we offer double-height mattresses.

At JYSK you can choose from a single air bed or a double blow-up bed and from a range of options that includes those suitable for camping and others designed for several nights’ use.