Pump up an air bed in a matter of seconds

An air bed isn't complete without an inflate pump. Make blowing up your inflatable mattress that much easier with an air mattress pump from JYSK. We have a foot pump and a hand pump available which are portable so you can bring them camping or to a festival without trying to find a plug socket. 

Inflate pumps are practical solutions

If you find yourself often out on the road, exploring new places and attending festivals when you can, you'll need a luxury air bed so you don't have to compromise on a good night's sleep. That's where our handy air pumps come into play. There are two basic airbed pumps: a classic foot-operated model and a more sophisticated two-way hand-operated pump. Both are easy to use but as the hand pump inflates two ways, you’ll achieve results in double-quick time. You'll never be at a loss with our reliable air mattress pumps when you're on the go.