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How much does a mattress topper cost?

The price of a mattress topper primarily depends on its material, but quality and size are both also deciding factors. For example, latex and memory foam mattress toppers generally cost more than most types of mattress toppers due to the high quality of the materials used in them and additional features such as shaping themselves to your body or diverting excess heat during the night. On the other hand, mattress toppers made of polyether foam are the most affordable mattress toppers on the market.

Mattress toppers price overview



WELLPUR GOLD T65 mattress topper
(Memory foam)

WELLPUR GOLD T110 mattress topper
(Memory foam with cooling gel)

DREAMZONE GOLD T50 mattress topper
(Polyether foam)

DREAMZONE BASIC T40 mattress pad (Cotton)

Not sure which type of mattress topper you should pick? We are always ready to help you find the mattress topper that best fits your budget and your needs. You can also find inspiration in our ultimate guide to choosing the right mattress topper.

What determines the price of a mattress topper?   

For the most part, the material that makes up the core of a mattress topper will be the defining factor for its price. But its quality level and size are also important factors. If the cover of the mattress topper has certain special qualities that, for example, give it a cooling effect or make it antibacterial, these will also influence the mattress topper price.

What differentiates the different materials in mattress topper?


  • Natural latex is a 100% natural material that is made from rubber trees. It costs more than other materials. Most latex mattress toppers are made up of a blend of natural and artificial latex. The more pure natural latex, the higher the price.
  • Memory foam is another popular material in mattress toppers. Memory foam is generally more affordable than latex, so naturally a mattress topper made of memory foam will cost less than a mattress topper made of latex. The price of a memory foam mattress topper depends to a large extent on the quality of the foam. The mattress topper’s cover, which for example could have cooling or antibacterial properties, will also affect its price.
  • Gel and hybrid foam are artificial foam types that are used in mattress toppers and other products. Both materials can be bought at a lower price than latex and memory foam, but they cost more than polyether foam.
  • Standard foam (Polyether foam, sometimes also called PUR foam or PU foam) is generally the most affordable material on the market, and you can find really good prices on standard foam mattress toppers. On the other hand, the comfort of a standard foam mattress topper cannot match that of a latex or memory foam mattress topper. Standard foam mattress toppers primarily serve to protect the underlying mattress and contribute less to the feeling of comfort. 


A mattress topper’s quality is primarily defined by its material. Latex, gel foam and memory foam offer the best quality on the market, followed by Comfort+ foam and polyether foam. The density of the material also affects a mattress topper’s price. Density refers to how much material is in the core of a mattress topper. The higher the density, the more durable, and the higher the price. But density isn't necessarily something you need to consider when selecting a mattress topper.  


As a rule of thumb, the bigger a mattress topper is, the more it costs. That's because it requires more material to produce a mattress topper for a double bed than it does to produce one for a single bed. Which size of mattress topper should you choose? See which size fits your bed in this article.

"When it comes to mattress toppers, there is a direct connection between price and comfort. The more expensive a mattress topper is, the better comfort it will provide. But you should always try the mattress topper to decide if you like the comfort."
– Peter, Category Manager, JYSK

If you're not happy with your current bed, a quality mattress topper can be a wise investment. The money is well worth it when you consider how many hours you spend in your bed. At JYSK, we offer wide range of top mattresses: From very affordable options to luxurious ones, you will find a top mattress that suits your needs and budget.  

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