Mattress toppers for extra comfort

Mattress toppers are an easy way to extend the life of your existing mattress, providing additional comfort and protection against wear and tear. Mattress toppers are typically used as a protective layer on top of spring or foam mattresses. There are different types of mattress toppers - a thin roller mattress or a thick mattress topper in foam, latex or memory foam.  A mattress topper can help to improve the comfort of most mattresses, it can regulate the problem of a firm or soft mattress, helping you get a better night's sleep. A thinner mattress protector can also be used, these are usually fitted to the mattress with elastic straps and are easily removed for washing. Visit one of our JYSK stores or browse online where you will find a large selection of mattress toppers and mattress protectors, in a range of sizes with synthetic and memory foam fillings.

A mattress topper to protect your mattress

Mattress toppers are increasingly sought after for an enhanced sleep experience. Not only do they boost the comfort of most mattresses, but they also shield against wear and tear, prolonging mattress life. While they won't revive an ageing mattress completely, they can significantly improve sleep quality. Typically placed atop box, spring, or foam mattresses, they regulate firmness and can transform the sleep experience, especially memory foam toppers. Thinner pads also double as mattress protectors, easily removable for washing. Explore our diverse range of mattress toppers at JYSK, available in various sizes and featuring synthetic and memory foam fillings.

Would you benefit from a mattress topper?

  • YES - If your mattress is uncomfortable due to age or needs replacing, a mattress topper can provide an extra layer to improve comfort. It can also regulate temperature and offer additional support or softness based on the filling.
  • YES - If you want to extend the life of your current mattress, especially if it was a costly investment. A mattress topper can protect the mattress, making it easier to clean or replace, thus maintaining its quality for longer.
  • NO - If your mattress has a dip, indicating damage to the filling. In such cases, a mattress topper may only sink into the dip, offering little improvement.