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Single bed with white bed frame and mattress and round bed side tables

Spring mattress or foam mattress? How to choose

Should you buy a spring mattress or a foam mattress?

Both a spring mattress and a foam mattress will give you the support your body needs for a good night’s sleep. But there are some key differences between a spring mattress and a foam mattress. 

The core of a spring mattress consists of a spring system while the core of a foam mattress is a layer of one or several types of foam. This means that the choice between a spring mattress or a foam mattress can depend on your preferred sleeping position and other personal needs. 

In the below overview, you'll get a quick idea of which mattress is the better choice for you. 

Why you should choose a spring mattress

A spring mattress is characterised by its deep and supportive comfort. It is also a very flexible bed solution in that it can be placed in a regular bed frame, a continental bed or an adjustable bed. 

A spring mattress consists of a spring system, filling and a cover. The spring system is what makes the mattress adjust itself to your body. It creates outstanding support and a feeling of deep comfort. 

The spring system can consist of different types of springs that each have their own unique qualities. At JYSK, we primarily use these two types of springs:

  • Bonell springs: Give a spring mattress a relatively firm and stable surface
  • Pocket springs: Smaller than bonell springs, pocket springs form themselves precisely to your body, which results in a more nuanced comfort. 

The choice between bonell springs and pocket springs is largely dependent upon your preferences and your sleeping position. 

If you're a side sleeper, you will really appreciate the deep support created by the shoulder zones of a pocket spring system. 

If you sleep on your back, you'll likely be more comfortable on a slightly firmer spring mattress. 

At JYSK, we always recommend that you try out the different types of spring mattress before you buy one.