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Black Friday 2019 with JYSK

Black Friday


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What is Black Friday? The short answer is that Black Friday is a huge festival of special offers, when shops all over the country offer amazing deals to their customers. Many stores even extend their opening hours, giving everyone the opportunity for a great Black Friday shopping deal.

The Christmas trade starts with Black Friday shopping

Black Friday is held on the fourth or last Friday of November. Therefore shopping on Black Friday is an enormous advantage for consumers as they can save a fortune on Christmas gifts, before the busy Christmas season begins. 

A festive tradition of special offers

The tradition of Black Friday shopping comes from the United States, which took off in the 90s. Black Friday is celebrated the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Many public employees have the day off on Black Friday, which is the last public holiday before Christmas. To mark the occasion, large department stores such as Macy’s organise festive Christmas parades.

The Black Friday shopping tradition has spread to all of Europe, so Europeans now also benefits from spectacular offers on the fourth Friday in November - although there is no official holiday on this great shopping day. 

Why is the event called Black Friday?

The Americans named this big bargain day ‘Black Friday’. The name may immediately sound a bit negative, but there are actually several good explanations for it. The name originates in Philadelphia and refers to the intense traffic and queues, to which the favourable deals on Black Friday usually give rise in the shops and streets.

Benefits of Black Friday online

Black Friday online has also become popular with consumers. Instead of queuing in shops with lots of other bargain hunters, you can choose to sit at home in your living room and find the best deals at your leisure. 

Black Friday takes place 28.11 - 01.12.2019

Black Friday shopping is a festive tradition of special deals, which has taken off internationally. It takes place between Thursday the 28th November and Sunday the 1st of December 2019. All of our JYSK stores will have extended shopping hours on Friday 29.11.2019: 9am-9pm.