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expert packing tips for your holiday

Tips for packing your car for a road trip

Car holidays have always been popular. It's an easy and flexible way of travelling, whether you're just going away for the weekend or on a long holiday. Read on for some great advice on what to pack, how to pack the car, and how to even get a few hours kip in your car.

Pack your car for road trips

Your 'packing list' can vary, depending on what type of trip your are taking, and where your end destination will be. When you figure those things out, you can start packing your car.

Meals on the road

Think about what situations you're gonna find yourself in before you start packing your car. If you're going on a long car holiday, it's a good idea to bring fold-able camping furniture. Choose a small table and camping chairs as they won't take up too much space in your car. Another essential is a cooler bag to keep your food and drinks cold, as nobody wants a lukewarm bottle of water, and a warm sandwich. 

The best way to pack a car

Packing your car can feel like a game of tetras. Everything needs to fit together and everything needs to be easily accessible. The best way to start is to pack your things so that they are standing up instead of lying down. That way you can avoid having your toothbrush at the bottom of you bag when you're ready for bedtime.

Alternatively you can pack you stuff into transparent plastic boxes. That way you're creating a better overview of your items, making them easier to find. Also remember to pack the things you'll need the most for last. It's annoying to have to look for a shirt at the bottom of the trunk if you know it's packed below everything else.

Pack your car safely

Safety is always important, so remember to pack your car safely by making sure you can see well out of each window, and that your car isn't packed full to the brim.

Also, make sure that your items are secure so that they won't move around. If you have large bags or items in the passenger seats, consider fastening them down with the seatbelts so that they don't fall over during the trip. Also, remember to keep in mind that when you've packing your car to the fullest, the weight can increase the braking distance. So drive carefully with your fully packed car.

Sleep in the car or create a camping retreat

If you're trying to save a few pennies and plan to either sleep in your car, or camp during your trip, then you're going to need the right items. Invest in a good sleeping bag and take an extra pillow just in case. Or, if your trip is turning into a camping retreat, then take a tent with plenty of space.

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