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where to position your TV

Top tips for positioning your living room TV

For most, the TV is a central part of the living room. At the same time, a TV in the living room has a difficult time functioning as a natural part of the interior design of the room. You can choose to let the television function as the eye catcher of the room, or you can try to hide the TV in your living room design. Ultimately, it comes down to your own style, but regardless of your personal preferences there are several good options to integrate a TV into the design of your living room.

Keep it simple with a TV stand

Integrating a TV into your design doesn’t require new or ground-breaking ideas. Decorating a attractive TV stand with the television placed on top, is popular for a good reason. A TV stand also offers the option of convenient storage space, where you can store wires and electronic devices.

Tip: Place a nice vase or other simple decorations on the TV stand to create a more cosy and tranquil look.

Set up a TV nook in the living room

If you have a large living room, then consider dividing the room into smaller zones. Create a cosy, relaxing bubble or a ‘TV room’ around the television with a comfortable sofa, soft pillows and a pouffe to put your feet on. Then, you won't need to build an enture living room design just around your TV.

Let your TV ‘float’ over the TV stand

An elegant solution for setting up your living room with a TV is to hang the television on the wall, which will create a light look. Under the television there is then room to decorate with accessories. You can fill the space with a classic TV stand, or a coffee table with attractive decorations on top.

If you choose to hang the TV on the wall it's important not to hang it too high, as you will quickly start to feel like you are sitting in the front row of a cinema!

Make the TV part of your wall decorations

When you decorate with a TV in the living room, another idea is to integrate the TV into the wall design. Think of the TV as a picture and make the television part of your picture wall. This makes your TV less visible in the living room and instead brings more attention to the rest of the room.

Get more ideas for non-traditional wall decorations.

Create calm around the TV

Setting up a TV in the living room inevitably means hanging wires and various electronic devices that can quickly clutter the area around the TV. To get a clean look that contributes positively to the design of the living room, it may be a good idea to stash some things away. You could achieve this by using baskets or the closed drawers of the TV stand, which can hold joysticks, HDMI cables and other wires.

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