A pouffe like footstool makes sitting on the armchair or sofa extra relaxing. A pouffe is ideal for decorating small square meters because it is convenient and has several functions. In addition to providing a foot rest, it can also be used as an extra seating. In addition, some models allow for storage so that you can easily store away items like a blanket or throw. The pouffe is easy to integrate into the interior as it can be placed in any room and is easy to move around the home as needed.
Find a wide range in JYSK of round, square or rectangular pouffes in velvet fabric and artificial leather with wooden legs.

6 products
    6 products

    Add a pouffe for a multitude of uses

    A pouffe is a great addition to any living space, providing impromptu seating, a handy footstool and – if you’re lucky – extra storage. Pouffes come in all shapes and sizes – and in a range of materials. Traditional pouffes are upholstered and without any feet – a traditional forerunner to a beanbag. Pouffes can be structured or fairly informal and either cuboid, cylindrical or semi-spherical in shape. Some are solid and stuffed with a firm filling such as foam block or dense wadding. Others incorporate a hollow section for storage, which can be useful where space is limited. Coverings include textiles, leather and suede. You can get lots of contemporary styles now, as well as more traditional versions.


    The pouffe is a compact piece of furniture that offers a lot for its size! Traditionally found in the living room and used for additional seating or to kick your feet up onto - now, you can find pouffes in almost any room of the home. With our entire collection offering built in storage our pouffes wouldn't look out of place in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, in the dressing room or even in the kids playroom. The options are endless. With some great new additions to our range you can now choose from soft velvet in earthy tones of grey and brown or choose something more practical like the faux leather pouffe that's easy to wipe down. 

    Whatever your style, a pouffe makes a versatile piece of furniture – see our current selection online or choose from more in store.