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Seagrass baskets on the floor next to a vase and storage boxes in a bookcase

The Buyer’s favourite decorative storage boxes

Storage solutions like baskets and boxes are perfect for organizing your belongings and keeping a tidy home. At JYSK we renew our assortment within baskets twice a year, and in this blog post, category manager Tina Nymann reveals her favourites among the newcomers: “I like to say that home is where the happiness is, and these baskets bring me lot of joy as they both add a nice touch and keep things tidy,” she begins.  

Stylish storage solutions 

“First of all, I want to highlight FRITLEV. This is a small storage box with lid, that I plan on using in my wardrobe for scarves, socks, belts and other accessories,“ says Tina and goes on “Using storage boxes with lids is an excellent way to tidy up and achieve a well-organized appearance by stashing away any clutter.”

FRITLEV is made of rush and has a diameter of 29 cm and is 15 cm high. 

Different baskets and small storage box with lid in a bookcase

”VITUS is another of my other favourites,” Tina continues. ” This storage box is not only practical - but its rounded edges also give it an exclusive and decorative charm, that sets it apart from other simple wooden boxes. It seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.
VITUS has a birch wood veneer surface and is 30 cm wide, 23 cm long and 12 cm high. 

Baskets with a modern look 

“Colours have also found their way to our baskets this season,” Tina continues. “The VESTER basket has blue/grey stripes that wonderfully complement the natural seagrass, making this basket truly eye-catching.” 

Seagrass baskets on the floor next to a vase

When it comes to design, the VIGIL basket also stands out. “The pattern is subtle, but still catches your attention. I am going to use VIGIL for my knitting, and with the handles, it is convenient to carry to my favourite armchair,” Tina says, before she continues her quest to find more practical and decorative products for our customers. 

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