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Quilted blanket, cushions and vase in white, beige and grey colours

Raw meets calm in new Nordic Mood collection

The new Nordic Mood collection creates harmony in the home with round shapes and calm colours.

“With this Nordic Mood collection, we have focused on mixing products that create a feeling of harmony in the home. At the same time, we have worked with neutral shades such as white and beige with a few details in black to maintain the calm Scandinavian aesthetic,” says Tina Nymann, who is Category Buyer at JYSK.

 Home textiles with a modern, raw look

The decorative pillow HVITVEIS, for example, breaks its soft expression with a black line, giving the simple, off-white cushion a modern, raw look. The same nuances and expressions can also be seen in the quilted blanket FAGERKLOKKE. Cushion and blanket can be combined on a bench at the dining table, which can be set with the rustic plates TONE that fit into the raw style.

Quilted blanket and two cushions in white, beige, and grey colours

You can also bring the blanket outside when the sun is shining. Just pack some tea towels like SIVBLOM in the basket AGNE to set up outside for a spring picnic in the garden.

Two cushions in white, beige, and grey colours and basket

Scandinavian home décor with a rustic touch

As always, spring brings various types of weather, so the products in this collection also focus on creating a cosy feeling inside. For example with the BOSSE candle and the KEVIN candlestick.

“BOSSE is another example of a product where we combine the raw and the soft expression by getting a candle in a form made of concrete, which gives it a rustic look. At the same time, we have also added the word "Harmony" to create a feeling of cosiness," says Tina Nymann.

You can decorate a bookcase with the candles and a vase such as SOFUS, which is also kept in round shapes and continues the rustic style with its ceramic look.

The Nordic Mood collection is available in our stores and on from April 27th.

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