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bedside table ideas

One bedside table with three styles

A bedside table is not just a place to keep your lamp, phone and alarm clock. The right bedside table can serve as a beautiful piece of furniture that adds personality to your bedroom, whilst having a great function at the same time. Read on for bedside table inspiration.

Have a look at this romantic, boho look where we have placed the FRITS golden tray on the ILBRO bedside table as a beautiful framing for the decorative vases and the little jar. The drawer in the bedside table is perfect for your nighttime reading and any handheld devices.

In the setting below, we have created a more masculine style. The ILBRO bedside table in brown takes you back to the stylish 50's. The combination with the functional lamp and the greyish colour on the walls adds a modern touch to this room.

Finally, here is a setting with a more feminine look. On the ILBRO bedside table we have put a TORALF vase. The vase has a watercolour feel and creates a vivid and playful expression. At the same time there is an elegance to this setting, that you can easily re-create in your own home.


What to do with a small bedroom?

There are plenty of possibilities if you have a large bedroom and need ideas for decorating. But in a small bedroom it can be difficult to make room for a bedside table for both you and your partner. Many of us don't have that big master bedroom with a bed in the center and space around it. One idea is to think of vertical space instead and hang narrow shelves on the wall for both storage and décor.

Treat yourself with new bed linen

While you are midway through your great bedroom makeover, allow yourself to get new, matching bed linen. SUS* is a beautiful new member of the JYSK family with a Scandinavian look that will make you feel like you are holidaying by the coast. The stripes are very trendy this season and with the yarn dyed fabric the bed linen feels soft and has a high quality look. The design is the same on both the duvet cover and the pillowcase and perfectly in line with the Scandinavian style that we love at JYSK. Have a look at our buyers 3 favourite bed linen this season. 

*Available in spring

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