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Ideas for your guests

Ideas for guest bedrooms

Do you have a guest bedroom where friends and family can spend the night? It is worth considering your options as you never know when a guest may want to stay over. Read on and explore the range of options.

Guest bed options

Guest beds come in various sizes and for a variety of purposes. When choosing a guest bed you need to consider where you have space for it and how comfortable it needs to be. Consider thinking about how often the space will be used, therefore how much of a budget you need to have. Take a look at the following ideas for guest beds and extra sleeping space:

A sofa bed provides comfort and practicality 

If you have limited space for overnight guests in your home, then a sofa bed may be an excellent solution. A sofa bed can serve as a sofa in the living room, which you can fold out at night for guests, or a sofa bed can be a great option for an office space to allow your guests a bit more privacy.

Sofa bed in grey with oak legs

Folding bed for guests

A fold away bed is a kind of luxury lounger with a thick mattress and spring frame for increased comfort. If you opt for a fold-up guest bed, it needs to be easily accessible. If you don't have a room or a practical space for a fold-up guest bed, you should consider another type of guest bed.

Make sure you are prepared for your guests

So, you have the actual bed sorted, but what about everything else? Make your guest's sleeping space even cosier with an affordable and cosy duvet and pillows. Dress the area with decorative bedding and consider also a bed throw in case your guests get a little chilly at night. Lay out a few towels and bathrobe, just like a hotel, and your guests will have a wonderful stay.

Consider a compact air bed or foldable mattress

As a guest bed, a folding mattress can be a compact and affordable solution. By easily folding into three parts, a folding mattress is compact enough to store away, and the overall size of the mattress doesn't take up too much space in a room, therefore allowing a few guests to stay at the same time.

An airbed is also a classic solution. Easy to store away, comfortable and with a pump, easy to assemble. 

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