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Find out the JYSK buyers favourite bed linen

The buyer’s 3 favourite bed linen


Category: Bedroom

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The Buyer’s 3 Favorite Bed Linen

The bed linen is more important to your sleep and general well-being than you might think. Who doesn’t love the look of a nice and tidy bedroom and snuggling into clean, crisp sheets and covers?

We are updating our bed linen assortment and we have added some exciting new designs. As usual, our skilled Category Manager, Kathrine Møller Nielsen, shares her favourite new products with us. Kathrine also unveils the story behind the designs and the trends that they represent.

Sail away with VIDA

“VIDA is a very maritime looking bed linen. Picture yourself on a stroll around the nearest harbour. The seagulls are squawking in the distance and you can smell the fresh sea air: this is where we want to transport you when you look at VIDA. The blue stripes are printed on a white background giving a crisp nautical aesthetic. We have really paid attention to the details here: The piping also has a blue print, which gives the design a polished and luxury look.”

ADA – Scandinavian relaxation

 “ADA is a new design in our product series SCANDINAVIAN SENSE with GOTS certified organic products. It is yarn dyed with blue and sand coloured stripes on a fresh white background. When the yarn is dyed before the fabric is woven the bed linen gets an extremely soft finish. I just love the atmosphere of relaxed summer tranquillity that this design has. When you buy ADA bed linen, you also get a fabric bag in the same design. Use it for other things like storage of accessories or as a travel bag and add another sustainable habit to your own home.”

ANDREA – playful and informal

“ANDREA is a design with a simple, playful look. It is double-sided with sand coloured wavy lines printed on a white background on one side. The other side is a solid sand colour which elegantly contrasts the unique pattern. The prints look hand-drawn giving this bed linen a whimsical and carefree expression.”

Madison Sales and Marketing Assistant