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Autumn trends at JYSK

JYSK presents 3 new autumn trends

At JYSK we continuously launch new items throughout the year, but the early autumn of 2019 will offer a little more than usual within product categories such as furniture, home textiles and decoration.

With eye-catching colour combinations, raw design and spiritual symbolism, we are welcoming an alternative autumn interior design.

Each trend is a different universe of sensations, colours, shapes and materials. Our Range & Design Manager Rikke Blæsild explains: “We work a lot with getting our entire range to be coherent, so that it becomes easier to mix the products together in different ways. So that it looks good when you combine a pillow and a blanket with a piece of furniture or a decorative item.”

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Have a look and see which of our three brand new trends is your favourite: REFLEXION, THE NEXT WAVE or MEMPHIS.

REFLEXION - inspiration from unearthly elements

With the REFLEXION trend, spirituality makes its way into our homes. Drawing inspiration from astrology, and the Moon with its shifting phases, the whole solar system serve as sources of inspiration.

Earthy textures inspire materials with a raw look and uneven finish. Stone makes for a decorative feature to give products a primitive, untouched look.

Colours are neutral in both cold and warm tones. Earthy tones take centre stage with dusty clay, terracotta and sand playing major roles in defining the nuances of this trend.

THE NEXT WAVE - unspoilt places and room for hygge

The need for new beginnings is central to THE NEXT WAVE, which explores new places untouched by human hand.

Focusing on crafted and raw designs, this trend uses rustic textures combined with industrial touches.

When it comes to colours, the ocean offers a multitude of blues and greens. Nuances from under the water, near the water and in the water give the trend its natural expression.

MEMPHIS – playful and remarkable

A playful universe, the MEMPHIS trend grabs attention with eye-catching and colourful designs. It is a space of fun in contrast to the strict and straight lines of minimalism, and it takes cues from Art Deco, the 1930s avant-garde, and the German Bauhaus style.

The surfaces and materials, which are smooth and clean, are adorned with designs that rethink the simple and classic geometry with a lively approach. The shapes – circles, semi-circles and rectangles – play with scale on walls, floors and decorative items.

Colour-blocking is the hallmark of the MEMPHIS trend. Surprising palette combinations and tone-in-tone combinations bring life to this vibrant theme.

Which trend is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


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