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Garden cushion storage box on a patio

Guide: Choose the right cushion box

Where do you keep your garden cushions, outdoor lanterns and garden toys when you don’t use them? A cushion storage box is a great solution to your storage needs. It helps you keep your outdoor space tidy and well organised, it guarantees easy access to your garden furniture cushions in the summer, frees up finding storage space indoors for your outdoor equipment, and the right model can secure your belongings during rain showers and in the wintertime. At the same time, a cushion storage box takes up less space than a shed. But how do you choose the right one? There are several factors that you need to consider: 

  • How much space do you have for the cushion storage box on your patio/balcony? 
  • What will you be storing and what size is right? 
  • Do you plan to move the cushion storage box around? 
  • What is your style, and what cushion storage box would match your other garden furniture? 
  • Will the cushion storage box be protected from rain and cold or should it be frost-proof and waterproof?

The right cushion storage box for small patios and balconies

Smaller spaces require smaller furniture which may require you to put extra thought into your decisions. Start by measuring the space you want to dedicate to your cushion storage box so that you are sure to find one that fits. While many cushion storage boxes are intended for large patios, there are also other small and practical alternatives. If you have a small balcony or patio or if you wish only to dedicate a restricted area to the cushion storage box, the compact HALKEVAD is half the length of most other cushion storage boxes and is a good candidate. 

Small cushion storage box on patio

If you have limited space available on your patio or balcony, it is always a good idea to find multi-functional furniture. Some cushion storage boxes are constructed to carry the weight of one or more persons so they can work as both storage and seating. This is the case with SVENDBORG. The handles make it easy to drag the cushion storage box to your garden table if your guests outnumber your garden chairs.

Grey cushion storage box on a wooden patio
SVENDBORGCushion storage box SVENDBORG W145xH60xD69 dark grey
€229 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €229 /each (-34%)

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Large garden storage box with lots of space

A large balcony or patio with garden sets and lounge furniture typically calls for the storage of several cushions and throws. You might also have more room for a large storage box that can hold not only garden cushions, and lanterns but possibly one or two garden tools as well. If that sounds appealing, we advise you to look for one with up to 700 + litres of storage space.  

STAVERN is a great suggestion. It has a hydraulic lid so it opens and closes softly. 

Large garden storage box on a patio

Moveable cushion storage boxes

Do you sometimes need to move around the furniture on your patio? Or do you just like re-decorating? In those cases, a cushion storage box with a handle will make your life easier. BISNAP is a little, light cushion storage box that can easily be moved around. It is made from UV-protected plastic and it is both frost- and waterproof. 

YDERUP is a little bigger than BISNAP and has room for more equipment. It is also a little heavier, but it has been equipped with wheels to make it even more mobile. It is available in natural colour or black and will add a stylish touch to your patio or balcony. 

A style that you like 

Rattan, wood and plastic are common materials for cushion storage boxes, and each has their own benefits and characteristics. The colour is in part dependent on the material you choose, as is the required level of maintenance. 

You can choose a cushion storage box that does not attract too much attention or one that seamlessly blends in with your other garden furniture. Some are even part of the same collection as a lounge set such as TAMBOHUSE. The TAMBOHUSE cushion storage box matches the TAMBOHUSE lounge set and is available in grey and natural colours so you can create a unified look on your patio. 

Protect your outdoor cushions

If your new cushion storage box is intended for a location where it will be exposed to sun or rain, you should look for one that is UV-protected and/or waterproof. The UV protection helps prevent fading of colours and the waterproof qualities keep your belongings dry. 

Please be aware that the fabric on your garden cushions can be damaged by repeated freezing and thawing, so if your cushion storage box is intended for a location where it is not protected from very cold weather, you should look for one that is frostproof. 

Finding the perfect cushion storage box is all about balancing functionality, style, and durability for a clutter-free outdoor space and ensuring your outdoor cushions stay protected in all seasons.

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