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garden lounge set in rattan

How to choose the perfect garden lounge set

When dinner is over and it’s a beautiful, warm evening, why go inside if you feel like extending your hangout on the patio? With luxury garden furniture such as a lounge set, you can get even more out of our outdoor space and the late summer evenings. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect lounge set that suits you: There are countless combinations of tables, chairs, and lounge sofas. In addition, you also need to think about quality and maintenance. Let us guide you to find out which lounge set to choose and what to pay attention to. 

Grey garden lounge set with corner sofa, chair and adjustable table
TAMBOHUSELounge set TAMBOHUSE 5-seater grey
€2499 /set
Lowest price 30 days: €2000 /set
€549 /each
Lowest price 30 days: €400 /each

What can you use garden lounge sets for? 

A lounge set can be used on both the patio and in the garden. It gives a very special, relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space. It is not only a place to relax and enjoy the silence but also where you can spend time with friends and family. A lounge set can be a gathering point and meeting place in your garden. You might think more of it as a sofa arrangement but in reality, you can also use it for al fresco dining since many lounge sets include a height adjustable table.

Firstly, visualise how, where and when you will be enjoying summer in a lounge set, and then look into the different options. Do you primarily want to use it under the trees in the garden where you can enjoy a cold drink with your legs up? Or do you want to use it for when you gather friends and family? Or maybe as a sun lounger on the patio? Or do you have other scenarios in mind? 

Garden lounge sets - what to look for? 

When looking for new garden furniture, the number of choices can be overwhelming. We recommend that you look at the relationship between price, functionality and needs. If you compare these factors, you will find the best lounge set. In JYSK, we offer lounge sets to all budgets and needs. To facilitate your purchasing journey, we have selected the four most important factors to consider when buying a lounge set. 

    1. Spaces and sizes

    The first thing you need to consider is the size of your outdoor space. Do you have a balcony or a huge patio? No matter what you can find a lounge set that suits your needs. 

    For a small outdoor space, it can be problematic with a corner sofa but a set with two garden lounge chairs, a table and possibly a 2 seater sofa could be a better option. Go for a light expression and furniture that is easy to move around. See our assortment of small outdoor spaces here: 

    If your outdoor space is bigger than a small patio or a balcony but not too big then a good solution could be to combine a garden set with a small lounge set, or maybe go for our midsize lounge sets, consisting of a 3 seater sofa, a lounge table and a couple of garden lounge chairs or two small sofas and a lounge table: 

    If lack of space is not an issue, then you have the luxury to choose more freely. However, you may run into the issue of how to “fill out” all the extra space and get a cohesive look. A good choice is a large lounge set with a corner sofa:  

    If you have a specific vision for your outdoor space, you also have the option of building your own set out of individual pieces of lounge furniture such as garden lounge chairs and tables. 

    2. Materials and maintenance

    For many people, garden lounge sets with a low level of maintenance are ideal, especially for those who associate summer with long, relaxing days – and not spending time maintaining their garden lounge set. 

    Most lounge sets have a frame made of artificial wood, hardwood, rattan, or metal such as aluminium, which are almost maintenance-free and weather-resistant materials, easy to clean with soap and water. Learn more about garden furniture materials in our comprehensive guide or continue reading for a short overview. 

    Garden lounge sets in metal, artificial wood and hardwood

    Lounge sets in wood or metal often have a modern and simple look. A style that matches a lot of newly built homes very well. However, consider that various styles of wood have different types of benefits and maintenance needs. The most ideal type of hardwood for outdoor use is teak. It is strong, durable, and can withstand both rain and sunlight due to its high natural oil content. Whether you choose to oil it or not, it ages beautifully. 

    Metal such as aluminium or galvanised steel, by contrast, keeps their timeless appearance year after year. They are strong, can withstand wear and tear over long periods and are easy to maintain by simply wiping off any dirt. 

    Garden lounge set with corner sofa in rattan and aluminum
    VEBBESTRUPLounge set VEBBESTRUP 5-seater natural
    €999 /set
    Lowest price 30 days: €999 /set (-25%)

    Garden lounge sets in rattan

    Rattan lounge sets are available in different colours - including black, grey, and natural, and in various forms of wicker. Both the colours and the composition of modules influence the overall visual expression. Rattan lounge sets are for both the romantic and nostalgic among us as well as anyone else who prefers a cosy-looking patio. Polyrattan, the artificial version, is both weather-resistant and lightweight, allowing you to move your lounge set around with ease. 

    3. The right design 

    Comfort is important, but style is not far behind! We truly believe that your garden furniture should be an extension of your home. We have comfortable sofas and seats inside, so why not have this luxury outdoors?

    Style is a matter of materials, shapes, colours, and the little details as well as your personal preferences. Are you into a vintage look? The RYDDET collection could be an excellent choice If you like a more contemporary design, check out our VONGE collection. Or are you more of a romantic - or something different? You are sure to find a lounge set that matches your taste. 

    Style and comfort are individual. If you are in doubt about what style of lounge set to choose then look at your indoor furniture choices. It gives a stylish and cohesive look when indoor and outdoor match.

    4. Practicality considerations

    Don’t forget those little details that can make outdoor life a little easier. If you move your lounge set around a lot, make sure that it is lightweight. If your lounge set is for both dining and relaxing, make sure that the table is height adjustable. And if you want quick access to cushions, children’s toys or lanterns, find a lounge set that lets you store your outdoor items inside it.

    9-seater Lounge set with storage grey  on patio
    ULLEHUSELounge set ULLEHUSE 9-seater storage grey
    €1899 /set
    Lowest price 30 days: €950 /set (-18%)

    Choosing a garden lounge set requires you to consider space, materials, and design, but the right match will elevate your outdoor living experience in years to come.

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