Outdoor storage solutions

Garden cushions, outdoor games, water pistols, lanterns, hammocks, gardening tools, BBQ – where do you store it all when no one is using it, during the winter or when it rains? A storage box is an ideal solution if you don’t want it to take up too much space. Keep your garden looking neat and tidy with a garden storage box with a lid from JYSK. Our range of cushion boxes will also keep your garden cushions clean and dry all year round. Our storage solutions come in a range of different sizes and styles – all low-maintenance – available online and in-store all at affordable prices. The advantage of using one of JYSK’s outdoor storage boxes is that they are frost-proof and some are even waterproof to protect against the rain and cold.

Keep your outdoor area tidy

Everyone knows that the best way to keep your home and garden tidy and free from clutter is by maximising your storage options. Garden storage can be difficult to get right. In a perfect world, you would have a shed for storing tools, compost and pots, as well as one for potting up seedlings and overwintering bulbs and tender plants. However, if you don’t have space – or budget – for an outdoor building that’s spacious enough to hold all your out-of-season bits and pieces, you might want to consider practical garden storage boxes with lids. JYSK’s range of polyrattan and polypropylene garden storage solutions are particularly useful for small gardens or where you want to keep accessories like cushions, throws, hanging baskets and containers close at hand and covered.

Are you limited on storage space?

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony you can be limited on storage space. A small storage box can come in handy where you can store garden cushions, lanterns and other garden items when not in use. In the warm spring and summer months, you will certainly want to make the most out of your balcony, since you will probably be spending quite a bit of time there. Therefore, it is important to make your balcony as cosy and relaxing as possible as well as having it look neat and tidy.