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White baubles with LED in a Christmas tree and an elf in front of a bench with cushions and a throw

Give your Christmas décor a modern makeover with Glacial Escape

JYSK presents two trend directions to you this Christmas: Glacial Escape that inspired by nature and the powerful northern landscapes, and Cosy Tradition with roots in family values and hygge. In this blog post you can be inspired by the dusty, natural earthy tones and the references to Scandinavian winter scenery in Glacial Escape.

Artificial Christmas tree, glass lantern with frosted look and a light string wrapped over a log

With its frosted look, the ALUNIT glass lantern is a brilliant example of Glacial Escape. It has a LED bulb inside and runs on a battery with a timer function that lets it turn off automatically after 6 hours. Bonus: You can use it outdoors and enjoy the light welcoming you home when you return on a cold winter night.

Bench with two Christmas cushions, a throw and on the floor an elf with a green hat

Black, grey dusty, olive and petrol are colours that are characteristic for this trend, and the down toned palette makes many of the items timeless. An excellent example is the forest green HORNFIOL cushion in soft chenille.

Two candles shaped like Christmas trees and Christmas stars in gold, silver and brown.

Let Christmas stars open your home to the sky above us and enjoy how pine trees can introduce a magic touch of the northern woods.

Three artificial pine trees on a log represent modern Christmas décor

Invite the raw, silent nature into your home with the OFIOLIT artificial Christmas trees. Place them together and create your own mini forest. 

Two battery lamps shaped as white Christmas stars

Christmas is traditionally the season of candles but you can just as easily create a cosy atmosphere with decorative battery lamps. If you place them in the corners of the room, they will make it seem larger and spread light and joy in a dark season.

Read more about Cosy Tradition.

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