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Traditional, red Christmas trend in JYSK

Dreaming of a Red Christmas?

With Christmas getting closer it is time to consider your holiday décor and decide if it reflects the style that you love and the person that you are. Do you love a shiny, shimmery Christmas with lots of silver and gold – or do you feel like exploring a Scandinavian Christmas beaming with "hygge"?

The traditional Scandinavian Christmas décor typically comes in red and green shades. Charming elves and little Santas with hats and beards add cute and subtle humorous touches.

Simple little twigs in red or cream create a sweet and delicate décor in your home.

In Denmark we love the December Sundays where we give each other little presents. It makes all the waiting a little easier. Release your creativity and decorate the Christmas tree with your personal favourite decoration. 

JYSK's range also includes a large selection of Christmas lights that can brighten the home and garden. Both traditional Christmas lights and Christmas lights with nice details. For example,TEFAT with little twigs inside the light bulbs. 

You can put the presents that you have already bought on display. They act as a beautiful piece of décor themselves, and the display will make you want to put an extra effort into wrapping them. If you have children, this might be too big a temptation for them though ...



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