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Tea light holder in glass in front of logs and branches with berries and a golden lantern with string lights inside

Celebrate a classic Christmas with Cosy Tradition

This Christmas, JYSK presents two new trends to you: One with roots in family values and hygge, called Cosy Tradition, and one inspired by nature and the powerful northern landscapes, called Glacial Escape. In this blog post, be inspired by the classic Christmas symbols and red, dark red and brown colours featured in Cosy Tradition.

Tea light holders in glass on a metal tray with small Christmas tree and pinecones

Cosy Tradition is all about holding on to rituals and memories from our past. One of the most decorative traditions that we can think of is that of the advent wreath where we light a candle each Advent Sunday. This kind of reverse countdown will delight both parents and children. ODEN LED candles have a timer function, that keeps them on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. This way you get a pleasant surprise when they turn on automatically and you don’t have to worry if you remembered to put them out when you left the house or went to bed. Bonus: You avoid candle soot.

Advent wreath with LED candles with timer function

Your children will also appreciate having their own Christmas sock. Santa (or his helpers) will surely fill it each night with sweets or little presents. Hang it on coat rack or a decorative ladder wrapped in sting lights.

Christmas socks in red and green on a decorative ladder

Make sure to wrap the presents in some sweet Christmas wrapping paper. At JYSK you can find both FSC certified (FSCTM N001715) wrapping paper, and paper made out of 100 % recycled materials, so it easy to make a choice that feels good.

Give your regular décor an easy update in the most magical month of the year. Replace your regular cushions with one or two seasonal cushions like KIMBERLIT with a vintage look or the timeless KORNSTEN and let an elf rest in the corner of the sofa or on the hallway bench…

Bench with a cushion, a throw and an elf. On the floor in front of the bench, a red cushion on a round rug.

The Cosy Tradition Christmas trend creates a warm, comfy setting for your home and adds a playful and sweet, childish touch to your Christmas décor.

Green glass vase filled with artificial twigs with pinecones, decorated with Christmas ornaments in green and red. Beside it a Christmas figurine

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