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Storage boxes, cushions and small furniture with a playful twist

Bold decoration in new Nordic Mood collection

Geometrical and playful shapes in combination with burned nuances – this is the essence in JYSK’s new Nordic Mood collection The collection consists of a number of new products that play with both colours and shapes. 

For example, the new end table, CUT OUT, which besides having a light, graphic surface, catches the eye with its atypical legs and base. The end table comes in two colours: burned red and black. 

The light expression of the wall clock KJETIL stands out with its curved shape. 

In the textiles, the playful expression comes to life too. 

For example, on the decorative pillow RINGBLOMMA with the artistic print or BRUNIA with the curly cover.


The collection also includes the colourful and collapsible storage boxes in plastic. The boxes come in three different colours and two sizes. 

All items in the collection are for sale in JYSK’s stores and online at from no later than August 7th.

The items in the new Nordic Mood collection are going to be displayed in a special area at our stores for your inspiration. This accentuates the design line and the way the items interact and supplement each other.

Facts about Nordic Mood

Four times a year our skilled purchase team handpicks pieces for a trendy collection of items by the name of Nordic Mood.

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