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Big Sleep Survey: One out of four sleeps poorly at night

Almost all respondents (99.5 %) in a large European survey from JYSK agree that sleep is crucial to their quality of life. Nevertheless, almost every fourth respondent (23.3%) reports that they sleep badly or even very badly at night.

This is one of the findings in a comprehensive questionnaire survey, conducted by JYSK, where over 35,000 people from 19 different countries in Europe participated. The answers were obtained during July 2018.

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Eight hours of sleep is optimal

When it comes to amount of sleep, most (44.7%) agree that eight hours is optimal. On the other hand, only a few (15 %) actually get that many hours of sleep on weekdays. On the weekend, 26.6 % of the respondents achieve eight hours of sleep.

The lack of sleep may be the reason why more than one out of ten (13.3%) always feels drowsy or tired during the day. It might also explain why a large part (42.6%) sometimes takes a nap in the afternoon.

Fetal position is most popular

Once people have fallen asleep, two out of three (66.9%) wake up one or more times during the night. Most of them (60.7%) wake up because they have to go to the toilet. One out of three (33.6%) wake up because they get either too hot or too cold and more than one out of five (22%) because they feel discomfort in some part of their body.

The most common sleeping position is on the side in the fetus position (48%). Coming in second is sleeping on the stomach (40%), while the rest of the respondents prefer different positions on the back.

What is important for a good night's sleep?

There are a number of different factors that have an impact on the sleep quality, but mattress and pillow play a major part. The numbers below indicate how many of the respondents consider the factor as important or very important for a good night's sleep:  

  • A comfortable mattress / bed (95%)
  • A comfortable pillow (94%)
  • The right room temperature (91%)
  • Clean bedding (84%)
  • A comfortable duvet (80%)
  • Silence (73%)
  • Darkness (62%)

Other conclusions

It seems that a lot of the respondents have issues when it comes to sleep:

  • One out of four (25.6%) has trouble falling asleep when they go to bed.
  • Only a little under half the respondents (45%) fall asleep easily.
  • Almost one out of three (29.6%) has had difficulties falling asleep three or more nights during the past week.
  • More than one out of three (37.4%) has difficulties getting up, and almost one out of four (23.9%) says they are grumpy when they wake up.
  • Almost one out of three (29.1%) says they are morning persons, but less than one out of five (17.6%) is happy when they wake up.
  • Almost four out of ten (38.9%) always uses a screen device, such as a smartphone or TV, in bed before falling asleep - only 9.34% don't ever do this.

Facts about the study

JYSK has asked over 35,000 people from 19 different countries in Europe about sleep.

  • The countries are: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.
  • The survey was conducted from July 2nd- July 30th 2018.
  • The questionnaire was distributed in JYSK's email newsletters, on social media and blog posts.

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