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Woman sleeping under a weighted duvet and man reading in bed

A weighted duvet can help improve your sleep

Do you ever feel restless at bedtime or struggle to fall asleep? A weighted duvet feels like a warm, soft hug, and helps some people improve their sleep. A weighted duvet is an extra heavy duvet and with its high weight, it creates a pressure on the body that initiates a load of positive effects that can contribute to a better sleep quality.

The firm but gentle pressure that the weighted blanket creates, is called “Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation” (DPTS). Studies show that DPTS leads to an increased release of calming, “feel good” hormones. At the same time, the level of stress hormone drops and the level of the sleep hormone increases. In other words: a weighted duvet can increase the sense of well-being and make it easier to fall asleep.

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A weighted duvet with a filling of glass pearls

However, a weighted duvet is suitable for anyone, and not just for those who might be unhappy with their sleep quality. The weight of the duvet and the embracing and flexible construction enables the user to relax, get a more efficient deep sleep so they wake up well-rested and feeling better.

The duvet is extra heavy because it has pockets that are filled with small glass pearls. The weight of the glass pearls causes the duvet to adjust to the body. The cover provides a smooth, even pressure across the body.

Choose the right weight of the duvet

We recommend that you choose a duvet that matches approximately 10 %-15 % of your body weight. 

Start using the duvet

You can sleep with the weighted duvet all through the night from the beginning. At first, it might feel a bit strange though, so we recommend that you give yourself a schooling-in period for up to a month. Start using the duvet for a short period of time and increase it bit by bit.

Please observe

People with a weak lung or muscle capacity should consult their physician before use. If you feel any kind of discomfort, stop using the duvet.


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