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Bathroom set on a bathroom mat with hand towels in the background

Add some colour and get a modern bathroom

If your bathroom sometimes feels a little dull there is an easy way to create some energy and dynamics to the room.

A hand towel in a subdued hue can do just the trick. Combine colours for variation or to make it easier to distinguish between yours and mine.

Hand towels in three colours hanging from a rail

A bathroom mat with a little wow factor can make it a pleasure to leave the shower. The thick and luxurious NORBERG is OEKO-TEX® labelled and has a non-slip latex backing so it stays in place.

Bathroom mat with bathroom set and scented oil

A matching soap dispenser, toilet brush and toothbrush holder can also give the bathroom a coherent look that pleases the eye every time you enter the room.

Bathroom set on a bathroom mat with towels in the background

If you feel like going a little further – or if you need a little extra space, add a shelf like SULVIK, that lets your store and display your favourite perfume or hair products in two stories.

Bathroom shelving unit with storage jar, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and scented oil in a bathroom

Often, that is all it takes to completely transform the bathroom. Among JYSK’s spring news, there are even more treats:

Worth highlighting is the "squid" RUNDVIK, which can hang in the shower room and carry the shampoo bottle in its arms. The VIDJA toothbrush made from bamboo can be an alternative to the plastic variants in    bright colours. The KINNA toiletry bag, available in two shades, can give a stylish and luxurious look both at home and away from home. And the shower curtain rings VARA in gold look can add a little glamour to your morning routine.

All the new arrivals are for sale in JYSK’s stores and online at

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