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Bookcase in the background of a dining table with a vase and a dining chair

5 steps: Make it your own

Would you like to create a décor that is totally your own and reflects your personality? With the right preparation and attention to detail, your living room can help you recharge and feel more grounded.

We rarely ask ourselves what we would really like in our homes. If you want to discover your very own personal style, take a look at this list of ideas and things to consider:

1. Understand what you like

In order to explore your own taste, create a board either online or a physical one, devoted to style. Use it to gather images of different interiors that you really like. Make sure to review what you've added and make it easy to replace an image with a new one if you change your mind.

A cork board or a whiteboard are ideal. You can find images in magazines, add postcards or photographs or even colour samples or pieces of fabric. In time you will see your own personal style evolve.  

2. Choose the right colours

Colours are a basic way to reflect your personality. A combination of warm or cold colors can create a bold, cheerful look. Neutral tones such as grey, dark blue, beige, or white are a great choices for a cohesive, harmonious look. Combining different colours is a great way to create a dynamic, yet relaxed feel.

Glass bowls in purple and grey with rechargeable tealights

3. Decide on an "anchor" piece

Find one object, such as a centerpiece bowl, lamp, poster, or a vase that you just love. Use it as your design anchor, and style the rest of the room after that one piece. Maybe a tall, round, colourful or a wicker vase is your number one pick? Check out our guide to choose the right flower vase.

With an anchor piece, you have something you truly enjoy as the base of other ideas for your home.

Glass vase on a dining chair

4. Start small by creating a scenery

Decide on a small space in your home - a wall shelf, the top of a chest of drawers or a corner of the living room. Gather a few things that you really like, such as a rattan table lamp, a decorative vase and a framed photo and arrange them in a nice scenery that makes you happy each day.

Rattan table lamp with a light lamp shade

Designing one small area requires less of you than an entire room, and it helps you figuring out what you like and what your personal style is.

5. Visit JYSK to find your personal style

Stop by the closest JYSK store and have a look at our many trendy products. You will surely find something that reflects your style and taste.

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